Am I the only one sick of Zelda games?

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User Info: strongo9

4 years ago#21
It seems like Zelda was never really you thing aside from a few of them. You can't really say that you're sick of them.
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User Info: 12KirbyFTW

4 years ago#22
I dislike all the 3D ones. The top-down ones are awesome though.

User Info: MasterMoron

4 years ago#23
I just don't understand why people think Ocarina of Time was a great game. It eliminated aspects that made the original so unique, like being able to zap your sword, and it added aspects that ruined the franchise, like too many towns. I mean, yeah, Zelda 2 had a lot of towns, but they were small and could be ran through in a few minutes. It seems like I had to waste way too much time in Ocarina of Time running around towns talking to people.

And way too many side quests like collecting the bugs and ghosts and stuff. I remember getting every item and every heart piece in A Link to the Past and it didn't seem like a chore. But, it does in Ocarina of Time and I think that's its fatal flaw.

Also, am I the only one who absolutely can't stand the Gorons? Ever had a fat uncle who walks around in their underwear all day? It's like a race of them, only they don't even have underwear. They're just awful and I would be happy if they never appeared in another Zelda game ever again, unless you get to kill them. Also, speaking of not being able to kill, why even put a stealth mode into the game if it's broken?

User Info: gamebuyer22

4 years ago#24
Needs a good story, good voiceovers and some real combat. Not to mention the series seriously needs some epic music. Ditch the hookshot, bombs etc. Come up with something brand new. Id like to see adventuring between dungeons and not endless fetch quests to advance the game.

User Info: Tsutarja495

4 years ago#25
I'm not, I want more Zelda. One thing I'd like though is no more slow, unskippable dialogue. Let me control the text speed, and be able to skip through cutscenes. I wouldn't have minded Fi in Skyward Sword if it wasn't for that.

User Info: MasterMoron

4 years ago#26
Oh, yeah, that's another thing. Why is there no voice acting? Yeah, Link to the Past didn't have voice acting, but it didn't have cutscenes either. I mean, in 2013 I think it looks absolutely ridiculous to see cut scenes where the characters mouths move but no dialogue comes out. It just seems cheap. Can they not afford voice actors?

User Info: Melkac

4 years ago#27
"I don't think there's really been a great Zelda game since A Link to th--"

*Leaves thread*

User Info: MathewManson

4 years ago#28
ALttP is the definitive Zelda in my opinion...though the only 3D Zelda I've not cared much for was MM, though it's a great game, it just isn't Zelda enough for me.
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User Info: El_Zaggy

4 years ago#29
Alttp was greeat
then zelda became stale and sterile, not evolving if for only the gimmicks surrounding the console....

the thing is, Zelda was always a game mainly for liuttle kids and for teen. I started playing zelda at 8 or 9, zelda 1. ALTTP was in my teen days. Then i evolved. I started to want more complicated stuff, reasons about doing things, deep and rich environement full of interesting npcs and stories, deep and intelligent puzzles. Zelda dont offer this, it is stuck in the 90ies, it didnt grow up with me. I abandonned nintendo and zelda for this reason. Zelda stopped evolving while I grew up. As of today, i can undersatand why kids can like zelda but i deserve better than the current zelda games, thats why i play better games

User Info: Chewy247

4 years ago#30
Lol at whomever says Ocarina "sucks". There is no way in hell, anyone who played it at launch or around that time, can say it sucks.

Is it easier than aLttP? Sure, but difficulty did not detract from the epic quest at hand.
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