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User Info: Soccer_is_Best

4 years ago#1
The place where my Wii U is located is unable to get a connection to my router. Well, it does get some signal, but flickers between 1 bar and none. I've found that the only way to extend my WiFi range is to buy a wireless extender. My only issue is if the extender will work with my router? My router is a Wireless G Air Station Buffalo router. I plan on buying this extender (I know it's relatively cheap, but I don't want to have to spend that much on one). Advice would be much appreciated.
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User Info: aryanbrar

4 years ago#2
range extender are not that great, they add latency(increase lag) to the connection.
you can try getting a new router or try these

powerline ethernet ports, you can connect to your router with great speed using these.
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