Hideki Kamiya has NO LOVE for Wind Waker

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User Info: Wekos1187

4 years ago#51
I really wasn't that tedious once you were able to warp around. People make it out worse than it actually was. The triforce hunt was pretty bad though.

User Info: ZvolTx

4 years ago#52
The man has good opinions.

User Info: AkaneJones

4 years ago#53
Let me see...
The issues with Wind Waker are..
1)The opening island sequence take an hour to complete. If you've played it, but don't know 100% what to do and where to go there is no way to speed your progress to Forsaken Fort. This is actually the same issue with Majora's Mask, and repeated in Twilight Princess. By contrast it only takes 3/5 minute to get to Hyrule Castle/Deku Tree in Link to the Past/Ocarina of Time.

2) Sailing after you've found a location. As it stands they don't provide you with quick warps to the main island once you found them. You have to wait 1/2 the game to get the ability. Realistically you should have received a warp item at Windfall Island, that allows warp back to Outset & Forsaken Fort. It would then add Warps for Dragon Roost, Forest Haven, and the other main islands.

3) Removed Dungeons. Lets face it it was rushed. The fact that the "3rd" dungeon wasn't there, brought home the fact that they never finished the Fire & Ice dungeons when we got to them. The fact you only do speed runs to collect the Power Bracelet & Iron Boots just made it all the more obvious. I get the feeling if they'd just delayed the game till fall/winter this wouldn't have happened. They appeared to have plans.

4) Triforce Sea Quest, I don't know. It didn't bug me. But I think originally they meant you to walk on the ocean floor. This probably meant the was to be mini dungeons to collect each triforce piece. All we got was a pit of trial on Outset Island. I don't think anyone had a problem with that triforce piece. Other wise it just felt like artificially extending the game. I'm not sure there is a real fix for this outside adding "cave" mini-dungeons down there as a diversion. You only have to go to the x and dive.

5) Tiny islands. Look the fact is after Outset Island and then Windfall all the other islands are tiny, even Dragon Roost & Forest Haven only have so much diversion. If the complexity of Islands had been similar to Outset I doubt there would be as much complaints. People thought OoT had small areas because of the limitations of the N64, but when almost every island was smaller it hit home. I doubt if each island was the size an area from OoT there would be this kind of complaint.

6) Challenge Level, here you go this was a real issue the game had bottle fairies but did you ever need them? No, the game outside the Pit of Trials couldn't kill you. It's not on OoT time complaint. It isn't even a complain of MM, since if you don't do the sidequest to collect all the hearts and progress and only fill half of them bosses present a challenge. But here it feels like they stripped it down, ignoring a player that would complain about difficulty wouldn't be able to take the tedium associated with sailing in the first place. This is probably the easiest thing to fix, and I expect the Hd version to atleast have addressed this issue.
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