can paper mario 64 be played on the gamepad?

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  3. can paper mario 64 be played on the gamepad?

User Info: Heartsnatcher

4 years ago#1
i saw a youtube video but i think its fake. is that a eshop game or virtual console game? will all eshop games work on the gamepad with off tv play?

User Info: Thunderbird8

4 years ago#2
The original Paper Mario is not available for the Wii U VC, so it cannot be played on a gamepad, at least officially. However, I think there are some efforts around to get the gamepad to connect to a PC, it's possible the video may have come from that.

User Info: abigexplosion

4 years ago#3
As of right now, no. But hopefully they'll add that feature in the future, like they're doing with NES and SNES games right now, slowly but surely.
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User Info: Heartsnatcher

4 years ago#4
ok but i spent 200 points for the game on clubnintendo, can anyone tell me if the pro controller is supported at least?

User Info: Microfox1

4 years ago#5
Not the WiiU pro controller, no. You spent 200 points on the original Wii's VC version of Paper Mario. You can only play it in Wii Mode and only with original Wii controllers
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User Info: Xx5ILLYR4BBITxX

4 years ago#6
the pro controller for the wii u does not support any vc games. Why didnt you look this up before spending the points.
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User Info: Heartsnatcher

4 years ago#7
i give up.
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