"To buy, or not buy? That is the question." ZombiU

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User Info: Voelger

4 years ago#11
It's either this, Darksiders 2, Metroid the other M, or Prime Trilogy- though I can't find this anywhere.
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User Info: crowe_1

4 years ago#12
I'd say get it. I absolutely loved it. Just go in knowing these few things:

- Graphics are not great.

- Only one melee weapon, with limited animations. Good number of guns and other weapons, though. Still, only one melee weapon, and it's used pretty often.

- This is not a run-and-gun game. Best played slowly and methodically, planning before entering each area. If you're not prepared, two or three zombies can kill you.

- Research "the nursery glitch" before entering that area of the game so that you don't encounter a game-ending glitch. Supposedly, this will be patched, but we've been waiting on the announced patch for awhile.

As long as none of those things are deal-breakers for you, and you enjoy survival horror games, you should like Zombi U. The demo only somewhat does the game justice, because the lasting effects of dying and wasting ammo don't really apply as much. The game is creepy as hell and very stressful in that if you screw up, you might actually get set back a fair bit. Far from the hardest game you'll ever play , but finishing it feels like an accomplishment, nonetheless.
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  3. "To buy, or not buy? That is the question." ZombiU

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