Are there ANY companies you all think are good?

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User Info: Jackal

4 years ago#11
I like Dead Space. Monster Hunter. Resident Evil and same other games even if the companies may have gone bad, I'll still play their games.

I just play what I like and if the company sticks around to make more games then fine. If not, I'll play something else. DLC of both kinds and now even microtransactions are a part of gaming now for better or worse.

Only thing that you can do against companies that you don't like is to not buy their products. I like the Darksiders games but look what happened to Vigil. You can't stop a company from doing what they are going to do. It's either going to work for them or it is not. .
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User Info: darknight06

4 years ago#12
Every single one of those companies was better back in the 80s to 90s. Since then they've all homogenized themselves and have fallen apart. Everyone's games have melted into each other now and don't have nearly the amount of individuality that they used to from company to company. It's simply pathetic now, and truth be told I have ZERO reason to even own a system nowadays because of it. Quite frankly, there are better things to do and think about then a bunch of stuck up companies.
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User Info: bleedingelite

4 years ago#13
Nintendo is one of the last true videogame companies left. Square Enix is awesome. They actually publish a lot of cool games, like Just Cause 2, and I'll always love them for TWEWY. XSeed is another great little company that brings us the best games from Japan, whether they're on the Wii or the Vita or whatever.

User Info: Mattatron42

4 years ago#14
Rasputin77 posted...
Um... Ford?

-__- Seriously, I think that's all I got.

Ford, the only one of the big three not to take a bailout. Automatic win there and I live in Detroit so I completely agree. As for video game companies; Atlus, Wayforward and Capcom only because they made an almost perfect fighter with TvC
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User Info: Rasputin77

4 years ago#15
Mattatron42 posted...
Ford, the only one of the big three not to take a bailout.

Precisely. :) And even after all of the "OH, you drive a "Fix Or Repair Daily"? Derp!" jokes I've heard, mine have been great vehicles throughout the years.

Oh, and I suppose I'll go with Atlus too, as far as games go. Haven't disappointed me yet.
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User Info: Terotrous

4 years ago#16
There certainly aren't many left. Nintendo is one of the only holdouts and even then their actions are sometimes questionable (particularly when it comes to localization).

Falcom is also still okay, I guess. So is Wayforward. And I guess I don't have too many issues with Sega. - Watch me beat "GBA Summon Night Swordcraft Story" - My backloggery
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