Micro-transactions, DLC anf FTP are the cancer of the industry.

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  3. Micro-transactions, DLC anf FTP are the cancer of the industry.

User Info: game freakozoid

game freakozoid
4 years ago#31
DarthBadger posted...
ValedictorianXD posted...
RAWWR, games expensive! Make games for me, not for money, BLARGGG!!!

^ ran out of characters quoting you so I paraphrased.

Lose the sense of entitlement. You don't deserve anything. If it's not enough game for you then don't ******* buy it.

Practices such as locked on-disk content is BS, but without DLC's and other forms of optional microtransactions, there is simply no way to get access to many game features.

There is absolutely no reason to think all that content you think you're missing out on would be included in the retail product if they couldn't sell it to you later.

No, instead, you'd see more and more unfinished, unpolished, and broken games on the market because they know that once you buy it, they've got your money. It's only when a game is successful among players that they are able to sell more content to the game. Gaming would inherently (and optionally) be more expensive, but games with such transactions are more likely to be better products overall than they would have been otherwise.

First that little paraphrase really only makes you look bad.

Second, you really should have paid attention to what he said.

Third, the mere fact that there are just as many low quality games this gen as there are last gen (and even those games don't have to much trouble selling their DLC) completely destroys that part of your argument. It was a nice thought in theory I guess, but it just doesn't hold up to reality.

User Info: sonicsonic

4 years ago#32
So many people get angry at TC for saying DLC, Microtransactions and FTP are bad... It may have been worded wrong, but I think the generally gist was that not all DLC is bad, but companies like Activision and EA are homes to some of the worst practices.

It is a shame that such a large amount of companies make pointless and worthless DLC. Marvel Vs Capcom 3 launched with 4 characters locked on-disc which was one of the biggest BS moves I've ever seen pulled by a company.

When companies do it right (only a few do) DLC is great. I've played game like Tales of Graces which is an offline game charge you for costumes... They are only £2, but it is a complete waste of money even if it is such a small amount. I'm hoping Nintendo can pull DLC off right. I'm looking forward to hearing about Super Luigi WiiU too see if they do it right... or do it wrong...

User Info: bleedingelite

4 years ago#33
I agree. I think DLC has been done right in certain instances, though.

User Info: Illuminoius

4 years ago#34

User Info: tizzywilkillyou

4 years ago#35
ChipChipperson posted...
We're a beaten people, we've been conditioned to just shut up, bend over and take it in everything from gaming to politics. Few people ever put their money where their mouth is.

Pretty much this.

User Info: Verkins

4 years ago#36
I still think Nexon is worst than EA, their games are mostly pay to win.

User Info: king_madden

4 years ago#37
this topic is filled with paranoia and assumption. does anyone have any links or anything that says this content was pulled out just to be charged for. if they take dlc off disc and release it later does it make it better, no one seems to understand microtransactions arent taken from the game and can be earned without paying. most games this gen have more content than last gen but dont dare release extras because dlc is evil and most of it was just ripped from the game right, even though theres no proof just assumption.

sorry for some reason question marks arent working so i got kind of lazy in there.

User Info: nickvd8

4 years ago#38
Chaos Stryker posted...
None of the things you listed are inherently bad.

It's just that 90% of the industry uses them in bad ways.

This. If done right any of those things can be great. FTP & Micro-transactions done right is Team Fortress 2, DLC done right is the NSMB U Luigi DLC. The problem is most companies think like a company and not like a gamer. EA for example just wants your money and they don't care if they rip you off or piss you off they just want the monies. This will be their demise if they don't remedy it quickly.
Sign this

User Info: lt519

4 years ago#39
F2P and Microtransactions aren't the worst thing in the world. Think about it rationally:

1) You get to try out the game in some form for free and it has unlimited play in this form.
2) A lot of people pay $60 for a game and never finish it, in this case you pay until you get bored, often never reaching $60. I find in F2P you can sometimes get more out of a game for $20 than a retail $60 game.
3) People with busy lives don't always want to spend 20 hours grinding or leveling up to get the good gear, this gives them another outlet if they are willing to pay.

It's On Disc DLC or DLC released shortly after release that really bothers me.

User Info: 95_Eclipse

4 years ago#40
People who buy micro-transactions are morons. The general population is full of those, so its a great business model.

Edit : I'm not referring to F2P games, but games like BF3 which have Micro-transactions in them.
Favorite game to date - Xenogears \/-/-/-/\
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  3. Micro-transactions, DLC anf FTP are the cancer of the industry.

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