Wii u won't sell til we get a $100 price drop

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User Info: Murderstorm117

4 years ago#1
Even the 3ds couldn't sell at full price what makes nintendo think that they could sell the wii u at such outrages prices especially with the console only having old ports at $60. I own a wii u and rarely use it I want a price drop so people will buy it and devs will have a reason to make games. Im just happy that I own every other console it would be unfortunate to only own a wii u
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User Info: Baha05

4 years ago#2
Well except it did sell at full price like the Wii U. Just because sales aren't high doesn't mena it's not selling and other factors go into launch console in order to see higher sales.
"I think there will be a price drop at the latest by E3. I'd even bet my account on it." Icecreamdunwich on the Wii U

User Info: NeekNeek

4 years ago#3
oh you have a Wii U? and every other console?

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User Info: Fusion916

4 years ago#4
$100 price drop isn't enough.
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User Info: FireFlower16

4 years ago#5
Fusion916 posted...
$100 price drop isn't enough.

Troll harder.

User Info: DiscostewSM

4 years ago#6
Games were the catalyst that brought sales up steadily for the 3DS. The price drop only helped sales for about 2 weeks before dropping again. It helped, but not nearly as much as having games did.

Just to note though, 3DS was selling at a major profit originally. The price drop put them into selling at a small loss. Currently, the Wii U is doing the latter as opposed to the former, so in a sense, Wii U's pricing was already dropped before going retail.
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User Info: toma13

4 years ago#7
The ZombiU bundle is a pretty decent deal. For $40 more than the deluxe version you get an extra $60 game and a $50 controller... Plus one of the games is a download, and with the deluxe digital promo you get $5 in eShop cash, so that's $75 worth of savings. Not bad if you wanted a pro controller or ZombiU anyway.
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User Info: Xavuu

4 years ago#8
So was I stealing?
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User Info: DBPanterA

4 years ago#9
Video game consoles and software are at historically low price points today. They are not expensive. The hardware coming from Sony and Microsoft will have a higher price, and those companies as well will see most people do not need to buy hardware out of the gate, especially when software developers will continue to support current gen hardware.

Give this article a read, and tell me that games are too expensive:

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