Don't hate me please. But I find the gamepad heavy, clunky and uncomfortable

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  3. Don't hate me please. But I find the gamepad heavy, clunky and uncomfortable

User Info: NerdimusPrime

4 years ago#51
Well at least one statement in your topic title is a flat out lie: it is not heavy. It is the same weight as a 360 controller,which you have stated is not heavy. The other 2 statements are opinions, but they worded to provoke board users to respond inappropriately. GIven that everything you state in the title is either misleading or an unequivocal lie, I deem you troll and this post trolling.
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User Info: Dynheart

4 years ago#52
I find it to very comfortable. The weight? It's heavier than most console controllers, but it's properly balanced. I really didn't like how the 360 controller was balanced. It seemed top heavy, and ended up pulling away from me. I like this controller, even though it's heavier, because it angles towards me...and doesn't feel uncomfortable after long periods of play.

As for how clunky if feels? I believe that's all in the mindset of the gamer. It's pretty much a standard controller with a screen in the middle. If the player is having controlling issues? That's on the player. I could understand if the vast major, vocal/non-vocal, had this view. But they don't. The general consensus is...It's a very comfortable controller, and people like it.

Only a vocal minority dislike it. Like a vocal minority dislike the dual shock controllers, and the 360 controller. I, for one, dislike the 360 controller. With all the people claiming it to be the perfect controller? I disagree. It's uncomfortable. Unbalanced....D-pad sucks. But this my opinion on that controller.
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User Info: sonic777

4 years ago#53
MathewManson posted...
pearl arowana posted...
MathewManson posted...
HellsingOrg posted...
^^^ that's not cool.
You don't even know me, why are you insulting my mom for?
not funny.

You don't even know Nintendo! Why you picking on Nintendo's fat-ass controller for?

sad drones. very sad. i know wii u is doing very bad now.. but to sink this low?

Drone? I'm too busy on my PC. I can't hear you, playing Diablo II whilst blaring Slayer.

I know you've already been destroyed for this post that you thought made you sound "cool," but it really only makes you sound like an angry 16 year old.

User Info: Sirk

4 years ago#54
TC, there is no need to apologize for an opinion or qualify it by your status as a fanboy. An opinion is an opinion, and it isn't measured by the character of the person stating it.

I don't find the pad heavy, but I do find the distance between wrists to be a problem. The breadth of the pad means there are fewer positions in which it can be held versus a smaller controller. I often find myself in intense moments with controllers sideways, which is difficult with the pad because I have to bend my left elbow (for instance) more dramatically in order that my right arm has enough room to compensate in distance.

The two analog sticks are also somewhat awkward, my thumb has to bend inward to move to the other buttons where it doesn't have to in, say, the PS controller.

I think there are respectable arguments in favor of the gamepad, and I don't especially dislike it anyway, but I will probably use the Wii U Pro (which is certainly $50 in Louisiana Walmarts) when it is available for this or that game. To be honest, I wish the Wiimote was usable in MH3U, as it is much more merciful on my wrists than any others.
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User Info: lanmanna

4 years ago#55
Jeeze. 10 hours? Wow...

User Info: mjc0961

4 years ago#56
HellsingOrg posted...
I'm a Nintendo fanboy

No you're not. I've seen your posts before.
sirtonne posted...
This topic is so stupid I had to slap my wife.

User Info: cminc

4 years ago#57
Dude. Rest it in your lap.

User Info: DarkAdonis123

4 years ago#58
I don't love or hate the gamepad. But a screen in the controller definitely sounded much cooler than it ended up being. I just use it because that's what I have, and I'm not shelling out $50 for a pro controller when so many games don't even support it.
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User Info: Ghost-inZeShell

4 years ago#59
HellsingOrg posted...
Don't hate me please. But I find the gamepad heavy, clunky and uncomfortable

I hate you.

Sorry, just kidding, had to do it.

User Info: midgar

4 years ago#60
Clunky? Ok. I can see that.
Uncomfortable? Not really, but it sucks as a controller to me. As a tablet with controls, cool, but as a controller ugh.
Heavy? In fact, I found it pretty light weight, though I prefer heavy controllers like the DS3 and 360 ones.

That said, having used one for quite a bit, it has yet to grow on me. I got used to the Wii mote eventually, but I never felt it was ever better
than it's competition. That's how the Wii U tablet will end up for me. It does the job, but it'd be better they simply made a regular damn controller.
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  3. Don't hate me please. But I find the gamepad heavy, clunky and uncomfortable

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