Thinking about a system purchase.

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User Info: Dynheart

4 years ago#11
SpecOp24 posted...
Can anyone suggest some games that are Wii U must haves, and also Wii must haves from the back catalog.

This is my library of games. I consider it a pretty good launch/window of games, and I'm pretty picky. Still no "got to have" games, but a bunch of good games that will tie you over until the Wii U get's it's Gears of War, so to speak.

New Super Mario Bros. U
Nintendo Land (comes with Deluxe: Great Co-Op)
Scribblenauts unlimited
Zombi U (good game, but you have to know what you're buying).
Black Ops II
Trine 2
Mighty Switch Force
Nano Assault Neo
The Cave
F-Zero (Nintendo deal)
Balloon Fight (Also, Nintendo deal)

Picking up Monster Hunter, Lego's, and Need for Speed Most Wanted: U this month. For my Wii U? I think I'm covered until E3. I may pick up Sonic racing, which I hear is a great alternative to Mario Kart.

That's my owned list of games, and I they are all worth a purchase. Zombi U is the only one I say down load the demo first before you try.

As for MUST haves? The Wii U really doesn't have that yet. But like I said, you can get a solid library of games with the launch/window games available. The must haves are coming later this year.
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User Info: FZ6Soldier

4 years ago#12
Whatever you do, don't make the mistake of buying a Wii U! Nintendo has almost no 3rd party support this generation. EA has basically abandoned Nintendo. Sony has every major developer on board for the PS4. You also can't go wrong with a PS3 or 360. Sony is known for having the best variety of genres to choose from such as;
Little Big Planet
God of war
Gran Turismo
MLB The Show
Ratchet & Clank
Twisted Metal
Heavy Rain
Demons Souls
Shadow of the Colossus
Metal Gear. (Kojima game)
And more
Nintendo likes to starve their fan base. Just go to best buy and look at the games coming out for all the consoles, Nintendo has nothing.
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