Will Kingdom Hearts 1.5 HD Collection ever come to Wii U?

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User Info: LionHeartSJT

4 years ago#21
ixoria posted...
Kingdom Hearts 1 and 2 never went to any Nintendo system so why would 1.5 HD collection go now?

Perchaps because technically 1.5 is the remake of chain or memories for the GBA
I hoped it would be multiplatform, doubt it but hope

User Info: Janobii_Ivy

4 years ago#22
abbyhitter posted...
Chocobo115 posted...
Buy a PS3, it's a great time to buy one now.

It's cheap, it's loaded with games you haven't played yet. the games are cheap.

THe PS4 isn't backwards compatible anyways.

I won't buy a PS3 just to play one game. I made that mistake with buying a used PS2 because I only bought it to play Kingdom Hearts 1 and 2. PS3 games are still $60 and aren't cheap. It is not a great time to buy one now because I am saving my money for a Wii U.

All of the good PS3 games are like $20 with the exception of Ni No Kuni. Most companies aren't Nintendo, they eventually lower prices, even on Nintendo systems. For the price of a Triple (which is $200-$250) you can get 3-4 amazing games and have a giant gallery of games or get a Wii U which costs $350 and you'll get a (good) mini game collection for free and then you have to shed out $60 for a Mario game and $60 for anything else.

Wait a year for a Wii U and it will be good. I like mine just fine but that's because I also have a PS3, a PC and a 360 to keep me satisfied. A PS3 especially if you haven't gotten one yet could sustain you for more than a year even if you don't make any new purchases. PS3 games are CHEAP and I hate this misconception people have.
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User Info: DarkAdonis123

4 years ago#23
I wouldn't hold my breath for a Wii U port. Buy a PS3 if you can afford to.
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User Info: Honey-Boy

4 years ago#24
if you get a ps3, youll have access to some of the most awesome exclusives and great 3rd party games too.

something the wiiu dosent have just yet/
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User Info: Xeylir

4 years ago#25
While I'd like a Wii U port, I really don't see it happening.
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