Eternal Darkness II

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User Info: Gavin_Rozee

4 years ago#1
You want it, I want it.

We need it.

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User Info: RockD79

4 years ago#2
I'd tell you that the Big N should fund Silicon Knights to do it but I think they have 5 people staffed right now after losing the court battle with Epic. Bummer. But possible artwork from ED2 did leak out. Not sure if its legit though.

User Info: Faceman_

4 years ago#3
I'm praying it happens soon. Reading the scrolls in Mirror of Fate really reminded me of ED and made me want a sequel even more.

User Info: MilesTeg420

4 years ago#4
Stay away from Silicon Knights, giving them money is a terrible idea. Nintendo owns the IP so give it to Retro or some other high class studio.

User Info: SlimeSwayze

4 years ago#5
Sometimes you just need to let go.
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User Info: The_Bones

4 years ago#6
Didn't Silicon Knights close down or something?

User Info: Goomba_Stomper

4 years ago#7
The_Bones posted...
Didn't Silicon Knights close down or something?

They arent officially closed but they only have around 3-5 people on staff. Nintendo owns the IP so while a sequel is unlikely, it's not impossible.

User Info: blazeUP12

4 years ago#8
I want it.
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User Info: allchiefedup

4 years ago#9
I really enjoyed that game. I would love to see how they would mess with my head this time.

User Info: IcedEarthaholic

4 years ago#10
Nintendo could position itself to be the king of survival horror games if they played their cards right. Give us both ED2 and a new Fatal Frame, since they are the majority rights holder to that IP now as well, release them both in North America and that would shut all the "Nintendo = Kiddy" nonsense right up.
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