Edge gives Lego City a 5

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User Info: hellbringher

4 years ago#61
Starwars4J posted...
aura3848 posted...
I can't believe you people are cancelling your pre-order because of one review.

Look who wrote that they were canceling their pre-orders. The most depraved trolls on the board who don't own a Wii U in the first place, let alone had pre-orders. I suppose they think they can create some rush to cancel pre-orders by posting that? Either way, no one is giving this any credence.

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User Info: JKatarn

4 years ago#62
I haven't played the game, nor do I own or plan to own a Wii-U in the near future, so I can't judge, but I gotta say, I love how these trolls just dump these weak trolls threads on here and don't even stick around to defend their opinions. Drive-by trolling at its lamest.
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User Info: StephenYap3

4 years ago#63
Nah, I'm still getting it. I've been craving for a new and appealing Wii U game since November 2012.
Awaiting for Paper Mario, Final Fantasy (Classic style), Kirby, Donkey Kong, and Mario Sports Mix successor on Wii U...
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