Name 5 reasons you won't buy the Wii u

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User Info: star_guy_100

4 years ago#11
well it looks like i get to be the first serious post. i am a nintendo fan, but i am far from a fanboy for them or any other company. i will buy one if it find its worth it, its not right now, but ive owned every other nintendo console up to this point so im guessing it will be worth it at some point in the future, but the reasons i wont buy it RIGHT NOW

1. no games that interest me even a little. it will have great games but it doesnt at the moment
2. i dont trust NoA to localize many of the core games i want based on their actions with the wii, and the system is region locked
3. its too expensive for the tech they used in it, i would still pay it if it had enough games i wanted.
4. i think the gamepad and asymetrical play are kind of dumb. im not going to refuse to buy it because of this but it definitely isnt a selling point to me.

well thats only 4 but i cant think of a 5th

User Info: MR_Smarty_Pants

4 years ago#12
1)Poor 3rd party support (and it will always be that way).

2)Crap controller that took money away from the console itself.

3)No must have games will be out for a while. Until then it's just mario rehash# 37 and generic zombie game.

4)Will be the weakest of the 3 next gen consoles (being generous calling it next gen).

5)Even the so called innovative / amazing 1st party games Nintendo is known for are getting stale and boring.

6)Poor online service (Very slow downloads).

7)Slow OS and that'll be the case until it's patched and even then the difference may not be that much.

8)A larger percentage of games that come to Nintendo consoles are geared for children and are shovelware. Again every console has em, but Nintendo has the biggest percentage.

9)Too expensive for what you're getting.

10)Poor battery life on the controller.

11) It is highly likely that it will, with whatever ports of the true next gen consoles it gets, get crappy ports that don't even take advantage of whatever power that system has. We already see this happening with it's last gen ports.

12)Excessive censorship on the Miiverse. I've actually seen someone modded for putting a beard on their Mii..A BEARD!
Proud owner of the Wii U!

User Info: DemonDog666

4 years ago#13
1. No proper account system
2. Weak hardware meaning they won't get next gen multiplats or advance gameplay in any significant way from ps3/360.
3. Nintendo's allergy to putting effort into new IPs plus
4. The steady decline of quality among their first party games as well as the fact they are extremely stale
5. Tablet controller with short battery life when many games require it to play and it making the system cost more then it's worth when it isn't even supported in BC unless you pay again for games you own.

User Info: pokemonfreak97

4 years ago#14
Name 5 reasons that, from now on, I will put no money into purchasing a Wii U console?


1. It currently has very few games released.
2. There is no main-series-style Pokémon game announced for it (not even stupid Battle Revolution-style stuff)
3. I have no interest in the Lego City game.
4. I can live without Wind Waker.
5. I own a Wii U

I will buy Wind Waker, I just COULD live without it.
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User Info: TheCelticArcher

4 years ago#15
1. I already have it
That's the only reason I need.
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User Info: Chaos_Kreature

4 years ago#16
Spikaya posted...
ChicagoTed_ posted...
1. It has no games.
2. It's never going to have any games. Ever.

1. Then what are people playing?
2. lolok

I believe Ted was joking.

On topic,
1. I don't need two Wii U's
2. Saving my monah for MH3U

That's about it.
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User Info: StarmanJunior

4 years ago#17
I will probably buy one in the future but for now...

5. Very few games, no standouts
4. Too expensive
3. Early console with expected glitches, updates to come
2. Not too many game related applications
1. Unclear future
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User Info: Releven

4 years ago#18
too late. I bought one launch day. Probably might buy another too.

User Info: diggyfresh

4 years ago#19
1) You hate video games.
2) You don't have the money.
3) You don't have the time.
4) Wii U is unavailable.
5) Wii U doesn't satisfy you.
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User Info: mistergrownman

4 years ago#20
diggyfresh posted...
1) You hate video games.
2) You don't have the money.
3) You don't have the time.
4) Wii U is unavailable. <---- HAH! GOOD ONE!!!
5) Wii U doesn't satisfy you.
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