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User Info: TheProphecies05

4 years ago#1
Seem like the 3DS all over again.. Im in the same spot as last time though. I'm going back and buying Wii games that are really good that I never got to play. Just like I went back and got DS games that were really good that I never got to play... Now my 3DS is exploding with great FUN games..People complain that games aren't as good as they once were.. and they are all visuals these days.. well Ill stay with the Nintendo formula... because they will ALWAYS deliver on Fun factor, given time.

User Info: jillwarren

4 years ago#2
How DARE you suggest that you not only enjoy the Wii-U, but also have reasons to play it. Leave these boards immediately!
NN: peteywarren PSN: peteywarren0829
I give God all glory. Just so you know, I am a guy; my wife picked this username.
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