How much is the metroid trilogy worth now?

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User Info: kingbadjo

4 years ago#1
Digging through some old stuff and saw the Metroid Prime trilogy My girlfriend got me the Christmas after it came out. It has everything in it and is in great condition. I'm not planning on selling it I'm just wondering.
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User Info: TCaC04

4 years ago#2
If used copies run anywhere between 60-90, imagine new. I say over 100 bucks.
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User Info: Emeraldrox

4 years ago#3
I wish it was a normally priced game. After Nintendoland, I wanna get into the series, but I'll only do it with motion controls most likely. That thing is way too overpriced :(
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User Info: Termin8r

4 years ago#4
It's a collector's item which had a very limited print, so it's reasonable that it's such a high-valued item now. If I had known better I would have bought it when it was $30 retail.

User Info: DrRojas

4 years ago#5
Used, around $90. New, around $190

User Info: -Lynx-

4 years ago#6
Interesting that you mention this, because I just picked up a copy of Metroid Prime Trilogy recently for $40 at a Gamestop. I couldn't believe it. The girl at the till said she's worked there 2 years and that was the only time she's ever seen it there. I honestly don't know how it got priced so low considering it's rarity and demand.

User Info: IngSlayer

4 years ago#7
Considering that it's out of print and rare, a lot.

Unless you're lucky.
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User Info: Z_Zaw

4 years ago#8
I found a used copy last week at a local game store for 45 bucks. Disc was in great condition which was all I cared about, but it also came with an art booklet, manual (and unused Nintendo Code lol), tin case and plastic cover. The motion controls in the game are great but Im having a tough time since Im not good at FPS.

User Info: greatone101

4 years ago#9
I sold my copy over a year ago and got like 70$ for it. Kinda wish i kept it longer considering it was almost brand new and barely played.
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