Discussion: Current and future trends in the video game industry.

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User Info: Reflex-Arc

4 years ago#11
Thank you, Mario, but our princess is in another word castle.

User Info: thundercat2600

4 years ago#12
Nintendo in 1996: "CD-ROM sucks"

Nintendo in 2001: "RPGs, online gaming, and DVD playback suck."

Nintendo in 2006: "the world isn't ready for HD graphics."

Nintendo in 2012: "inferior ports of Xbox 360 games make for a great launch lineup!"

Nintendo in 2016: 3rd party developer
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User Info: Terotrous

4 years ago#13
thundercat2600 posted...
1. It was 640K.

2. That quote was taken completely out of context. He meant 640k was enough to run Windows well.

That's totally revisionist history, but even if Bill Gates now claims he never said it despite it being reported by hundreds of people that he said it, loads of other people made very similar claims.

A much better defense would be to point out that various people (myself included) have made the prediction that we're approaching the limit of how good graphics can get, though that's constrained by non-tech factors, particularly the size of the gaming industry limiting the potential revenue any game can make and thus placing a hard cap on how much you can spend developing a game.
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User Info: Pac12345

4 years ago#14

User Info: nonexistinghero

4 years ago#15
1. PC gaming has made a come back because for one thing, most games on the PS3 and 360 are also released on the PC nowadays. And you're not restricted to a monitor, mouse + keyboard on a PC anymore these days. Hooking up a USB controller (of your preference) and hooking up your PC to your TV for console-like gaming is easy these days. It's also very affordable to get a PC these days with graphics that are well beyond what the current consoles can do. And hell, it's not even that expensive to get a PC with the capability of what the other upcoming next-generation consoles can do. On top of this all, there's mods and all kinds of stuff you can use for PC games, so that allows a lot more freedom as well. Fans even go as far to create graphical mods that can increase the graphics of the full game, or area mods that actually expand the game... and they can be just as good and large as console DLC, and entirely free.

So it's safe to say that there's A LOT of reason for why PC gaming is actually just better than console gaming at the moment. Aside from that, the PS4 goes down a 'more power' path and a 'sharing' path... both things the PC can already do. Basically, there's almost nothing a PS4 can do that a PC won't be able to do. We'll have to see where MS will go with their 360 and Kinect 2.0 before making a judgment about it. Nintendo could be fine with their Wii U and Nintendo classics. The Gamepad does offer some things that can't be done on the PC yet.

Yeah, PC gaming might decline eventually, a few years from now. But mostly because all the comforts of PC gaming may also be possible on other devices, such as tablets... and they will be very powerful as well. You'll be able to just hook the tablets up to your TV, a wireless controller... and then you can play. I don't think it'll completely disappear, since the PC market will still be at the top in terms of power. I don't think consoles will do much good against it anymore though. Consoles will need to find their own path and the PS4 just doesn't seem to be doing that.

2. I like the terms hardcore and casual... they do have meaning, but I hate the misuse of these terms by companies and gamers. Hardcore is a preference, the hardcore market is very small. You don't need to make games to cater to 'hardcore' gamers, just make good games that are fun to play and hardcore gamers will play them. Same goes for the casual market. Yeah, the markets are different and you do need to adjust a bit, that doesn't mean your sole purpose needs to be sales. Seriously, I find that a lot of those so-called hardcore games don't have much replay value, outside for multiplayer. Then I go back to playing some old game I've played a dozen of times before, because it's just a lot more fun to play.

3. Yeah, I agree with this and I don't like this direction. Developers & publishers are coming up with more and more ways to deliver games that people will keep paying for. MMORPG's are generally too expensive and too big of a risk for them to do this with. So instead they take well-known franchises and release new content is small packages for around 6-12 months, to try to maximize profit per game.

4. Yes, development costs are rising greatly. But only because of developers and publishers going into a completely wrong direction. Rather than focusing on more efficient development in smaller teams, they focus on big scale development in ultra large teams. Lucky/the smartest companies will still sell a lot and make a lot of profit. For quite a few other companies it just didn't quite work out that way. It's just stupid to try to create a game that has to sell more than a million to even survive as a company.
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User Info: AceMos

4 years ago#16
thundercat2600 posted...
Nintendo in 1996: "CD-ROM sucks"

Nintendo in 2001: "RPGs, online gaming, and DVD playback suck."

Nintendo in 2006: "the world isn't ready for HD graphics."

Nintendo in 2012: "inferior ports of Xbox 360 games make for a great launch lineup!"

Nintendo in 2016: 3rd party developer

i love how you used out of context statements

the first 1 u said was from the racist guy before iwata who every 1 with a brain knows knew nothign about video games

the 2006 one was that HD graphics where to expensive and i bet the 120 def studios that clsoed down last gen would agree

the 2012 thign was never even said what happened was nintendo didnt want to crus 3rd party devs with a storng first party line up becuse despite what trolls like you say

nitendo first party games crush every 1 in sales

and the 2016 is just you being an ignorant troll
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User Info: Pac12345

4 years ago#17

User Info: DBPanterA

4 years ago#18
From the TC: What happened? Why did gamers start to lose interest in creativity? Why are gamers more interested in say graphical capabilities, or say ratings than the gameplay itself? When and why did it all start changing? Personally, I haven't found the answer to this and I hope someone can give me some input on this one.

This is a complex question with various ideas of how we got to today and where the video game industry is heading.

It was brought up that between 2006-2012, there were actually close to 140 game development studios closing their doors. Some of these studios melded with others, some simply disappeared. The fact remains that there are more people seeking a job creating video games than there are jobs to fill. Hence, why you read so many horror stories about game development (long hours, insane deadlines, working holidays, etc.).

In another light, E3 really serves no purpose for the video game industry besides a platform to pimp the new game or console. This actually affects the game development in that they have to have video or playable demos in June for a game that may not have a release for a very long time. It also leads to one of the biggest problems in the industry: The fact that 75% of games are released during the holiday season (Sept.-Dec.), although the average consumer is now 35 years old, and they most likely can spend money any time. This leads a consumer to choose between games, leading to overall lower sales of games or consoles.

If you want my opinion from someone who has played video games for 25 years, the fact of the matter was that while graphics and power have evolved, there has not been any major "new" experiences in regards to video games (the feelings, emotions, excitement, etc.) for well over a decade. This past gen was great and had wonderful titles, but there has not been a significant change in gameplay or having the opportunity to have a new experience. You could make a small argument for motion control, however, it simply is not advanced enough at this time to be done correctly. You also have a majority of consumers would rather smash buttons rather than use a more intuitive motion controller.

We also live in a world of short attention spans and negativity. People would rather bash a game for a certain feature or story-line they may not like and spread it all over the place. We have a video game journalist society that plays favorites to certain studios and developers, which leads to such a difference in review scores posted. Most consumers do not even read the words, they look for the number.

This coming holiday season will be great fun to watch. I have pre-ordered and purchased 4 games already. However, most consumers will be stuck with the fact that we are looking at arguably the biggest 4 month release for games ever, and there are also 2 new consoles. People will not be able to buy 10 games and a new console. There is no incentive either as all the games will be on current and next gen consoles. There will be more money lost and the financial statements that will come out in March/April 2014 will be very enlightening.

The video game industry is made up of companies predicated on generating revenue (profit). They do this however they deem fit. They have never been about making people happy, even when we were kids playing SMB 3. It's a form of entertainment, and it depends on how much you want to spend. I know personally one of the trends that will emerge this next generation will be actual gambling in on-line games for real money. This will happen, and people will spend insane amounts of money to give them every advantage from an internet standpoint as possible.
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