Which games support the pro controller?

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User Info: JulesNeci

4 years ago#1
Hey guys,
I'm buying my Wii U next week, and I'm wondering which games actually support the pro controller so I'd pick it up along with the system. I don't have a Wii or any Wiimotes, so I'd love to know if I can play Mario U with the pro controller.
Thank you!
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User Info: MrSniker

4 years ago#2
No you can't, to my knowledge none of Nintendo's first party games actually support the pro controller.

Nintendoland does not support the pro controller, and you'll need the tablet and wiimotes for multiplayer.

For NSMBU controller support is complicated and I'll try my best to explain it.

For 1 player you can use the wiimote or tablet

Boost mode is 2 players that requires the tablet and a wiimote. This mode is where the person using the wiimote plays the game as Mario and the tablet is used to assist the person in completing the level by placing blocks or stunning enemies.

For 2 players you'll need 2+ wiimotes to play at the same time. The tablet is not usable as a controller and is only usable for boost mode. So for two player Mario/Luigi play you'll need TWO wiimotes

For some reason Nintendo isn't a big fan of the pro controller and none of their titles to my knowledge support it. I'm pretty upset that I can't even use the tablet as a controller for NSMBU for coop play between my nephew and I.

Other than Nintendo I think most titles support the pro controller in some shape or form, I'd make sure to double check specific forums to make sure they actually support the pro controller though.

Edit: If you can try and pick up the ZombiU bundle if you're interested in the game. It comes with the pro controller and ZombiU, which is a good game if you're a fan of survival horror.

User Info: Thunderbird8

4 years ago#3
NSMBU isn't playable with the pro controller due to some of the later levels using motion control, which isn't an option with the pro controller. Granted, I'm inclined to wonder how many Nintendo games for the Wii supported the Classic Controller (aside from VC).

VC games support the Pro Controller, and I'm sure Smash U will support every controller under the sun and then some, if Brawl is of any indication. I figure Mario Kart (whenever it decides to show up) will as well.

User Info: Ender_Delphiki

4 years ago#4
If there are any 3rd party ports that you didn't play in the previous incarnations, those are viable to play with the pro controller. To my knowledge that includes Black Ops, Tekken, Ninja Gaiden, Spiderman, Mass Effect, 007 Legends, Darksiders, Assassin's Creed. I mean, if they came out on a console with a controller already, I can't see why they wouldn't support it on the ones I didn't mention.

If that patch already came out, Trine 2 will support it, Bit Trip Runner does, as well as The Cave, for indie titles.

Monster Hunter, which is coming soon, will support it.
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User Info: Waruigi

4 years ago#5
I was disappointed when I discovered I couldn't use my pro controller for NSMBU. I don't understand why they couldn't implement it.
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User Info: Virus66

4 years ago#6
Thunderbird8 posted...
Granted, I'm inclined to wonder how many Nintendo games for the Wii supported the Classic Controller (aside from VC).

Brawl for one. Xenoblade did as well. Those are the only Nintendo made games in my collection that support it. Last Story does as well, but that's not Nintendo.
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User Info: sk8boardtrikguy

4 years ago#7
i use it for black ops. ill use it for smash bros. i want to keep life in my gamepad because you cant get a new one (yet) and when you can im sure they will be expensive.
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