Lego City Review 95%

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User Info: genlock

4 years ago#31
It might not be AAA or a system seller, but I for one am psyched for the first good WiiU game.
Are we not drawn onward, we few? Drawn onward to new era?

User Info: meiyuki

4 years ago#32
sanas_thiritu posted...
I didnt know lego games were that popular. People here are talking as if its a AAA system seller

The sales for the lego franchise are close to games like halo and zelda among others. It's in the top 30 best selling franchises.

You dont know what a AAA title means? Obviously you know what it means, but ill pretend you dont.

Mass effect 3
assassins creed
black ops 2
halo 4
tomb raider
dead space 3
bioshock infinite

all AAA titles. Released on a huge scale throughout the world, heavy advertising, makes tons of $$$.
get it?

It's funny cause lego franchise total sales: 50mil.

Mass effect: 10.5
AC: 38mil
halo: 50.5mil
TR: 35mil.
DS: not even enough to make the list.
bioshock: 9mil

So I'd say lego holds up sales wise. Actually what's funny is starfox has higher sales than 3 games on that list and no one considers that a AAA system seller, kirby is another one it places just behind AC.
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