Wii u not selling emotion?

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User Info: Crazy_tank51

4 years ago#11
sanas_thiritu posted...
Does this make you happy or sad or vengeful or blind?
I see four kinds of people on this board

Type 1 - happy since nintendo gave us this underpowered sysyem and is hoping to laugh all the way to the bank because us mere mortals keep falling for their gimmicks

Anything that sells a system is a gimmick. PS2's DVD player is a gimmick. PS3's power is a gimmick. Xbox Live is a gimmick.

Type 2 - sad because any console doing bad is going to have a negetive effect on us gamers as a whole. It reduces competition and increases prices and shovelware

This. There is only one platform I want to see die, iOS.

Type 3 - angry - Nintendo deserves what they are now getting. They keep rehashing their games and ips for ever and abandoned the core gamer for those non loyal casuals

LMAO at loyality. Where was the core gamers when the N64 and GC were out? On the PS1/2. So you abandon someone and get mad when they do the same? What, do you cheat on your girlfriend and expect her to come back to you when you ask her to?

Type 4 - ignorance is bliss. Nintendo and the wii u are doing and selling great and if you say otherwise i'll call you troll and put you on my ignore list.

Which type are you? And is there an absolute truth? Or are we all going to fight over opinions?

There is no absolute truth. The Wii U is not doing incredible atm. But so did every other console ever released.
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User Info: sanas_thiritu

4 years ago#12
Crazy tank 51 - type 2.

Personally i'm type 2 as well.
The purpose of my life is to play games. Its the reason I even work.

User Info: shootsmack

4 years ago#13
I was a Wii only gamer who got burned. It took then 3 or 4 years to add SD CARD SUPPORT. No excuse.

So I am glad they failed trying to engineer another fad. They are cheap and manipulative.
You belong on the blizz D3 forums, it was built for people like you. Like how some barns are built specifically to contain filthy animals.

User Info: P_A_N_D_A_M_A_N

4 years ago#14
This topic is bad and you should feel bad.
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User Info: hailgalvatron

4 years ago#15
ok im not a fan boy of anything. I have wii-u , PS3, 360. and a 3ds. I like them all,,, but every time i come to a wii u board, it's full of weird comments i can't agree with. Maybe I just don't understand. I am curious how people can claim the wii-u is more powerful than a 360 and a PS3??? i just want evidence... I have played a few games on a wii U that I have also played on a PS3, and the wii U always runs horribly compared to the PS3 version (batman and Ninja Gaiden come to mind) and graphical elements like shading and lighting also look worse... i'm not trying to start a flame war,like I said I own a wii U, and I enjoy it, but that being said from my OWN experience only, the PS3 seems a lot more powerful in the current state of both consoles life.

User Info: pikachupwnage

4 years ago#16
What about type 5

Indifferent because I know things will be getting better in the future.
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User Info: bigjclassic

4 years ago#17
Type 5- I don't follow sales, too busy playing games and living life. This person does not care what others opinion are, this is a strong minded person.
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User Info: somomom

4 years ago#18
As others have already stipulated, Type 5- content/indifferent. I use the Wii U occasionally for web browsing, miiverse, or streetview while patiently awaiting new arrivals of system exclusives. I currently have an eye out for the upcoming monster hunter. I'm no fool, I knew what to expect by buying a system at launch and the ensuing drought soon after, just take a gander at the 3DS and PSVita launches.

Well, I guess I am foolish in the regard that I bought Assassins Creed and Mass Effect 3 since launch and have yet to open them. But even thats not as bad as my steam backlog.

User Info: the_cajun88

4 years ago#19
Type 5.

I enjoy playing my Wii U. I don't care how it's selling, I'm not making any money off of it.
The University of Tennessee Alumni
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