New Need For Speed Most Wanted Wii U trailer shows multiplayer

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User Info: SS4kronos33

4 years ago#31
looks great.i definately will have to get it.i dont like the idea of using the wii mote for it though.that is a junk control in my if i can use the classic control then i am all for it.i hope there is some form of multiplayer as well.
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User Info: Solis

4 years ago#32
rudgerlight posted...
Solis posted...
That seems like the silliest and most gimmicky "local multiplayer" they could come up with. I could understand if there was some competitive aspect to it or if the gamepad player had extensive control over various aspects of the game, but...choosing day/night? Pressing a button to disrupt the police? How are these things not something that a person playing on the gamepad alone should be able to do themselves?

Um.....they absolutely can. Just like you can collect starbits in Mario Galaxy on your own. It's not like you can't just put the gamepad next to you and use it to control the various options yourself (like a few Wii U games already do).

But that's kinda the point: it's trading off something a single player can do themselves and splitting it between two people, rather than the second player getting more options on top of what the first player can do anyway. It would be like if the Mario Galaxy multiplayer TOOK AWAY the option for player 1 to collect or shoot starbits. But I certainly hope they aren't going to force you to use a Wii remote to drive just to access these "extra features", because it would be pretty stupid if you were required to NOT use the gamepad in order to access the options the gamepad screen provides.

Don't get me wrong, extra features are usually good to have, but this seems like a wasted opportunity and lazy implementation.
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User Info: FFXIgaiaknight

4 years ago#33
Also to add they also announce that all future DLC will also be coming to the wii u version.
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User Info: xXDa-KidXx

4 years ago#34
Panda, why don't you just make a news site called "Ninpanda" lol. It'd be my favorite Nintendo site ever!
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