The 7 year old Xbox 360 sold 5x the amount of Wii Us sold in February NPD

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User Info: ish0turfac3

4 years ago#21
*looks at tc sig*
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User Info: LemonKweenstaaa

4 years ago#22
kyomagi posted...
"g..guys scalpers were returning the wii u's they tried to sell, t-t-t..hats why"

Nobody in this topic has said that.
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User Info: RJGamer1990

4 years ago#23
a 7 year old console with 7 years worth of games outselling a new console with limited games (And less games being released soon) is unheard of.

User Info: UltraOverlord

4 years ago#24
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User Info: bluesplus1

4 years ago#25
thundercat2600 posted...
bluesplus1 posted...
Isn't it a given that the Xbox would sell more as it has a bigger fanbase (due to it's bigger game library, online install base, and lower cost), you know...because it's been out 7 years longer?

On another note: I feel compelled to ask, but did people do this when the PS2 was still outselling the 360 when it first came out?

Dumb topic is dumb.

Please give another example of a 7 year old console outselling a brand new one. 7 years is ancient in the video game world. Wii U is such a massive flop.

You mean aside from the PS2 outselling the 360? Sure. It also outsold the PS3 for a loooong time before the PS3 started picking up.

There's also the DS vs. 3DS and the PSP vs. the Vita. For a while, the older handhelds were outselling the newer ones. Why? Because of the a fore mentioned reasons I listed in my other post.

The point is, it's already happened before. Therefore, it's safe to assume that having a dry-spell a couple months after its launch (especially considering these last few months were lackluster in the release department) isn't necessarily an indicator of the Wii U flopping. S*** happens.

Now if sales continue to be this low even after Ninty busts out the big guns like Smash, Mario, Zelda, etc. (the ones that most people buy their consoles for), then IMO we can safely say whether the Wii U has bombed or not. Until then, it's too early to tell.
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  3. The 7 year old Xbox 360 sold 5x the amount of Wii Us sold in February NPD

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