The gaming industry is unpredictable and the Wii U trolling is laughable

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User Info: jbhens

4 years ago#1
I guess my post got deleted yesterday. Its amazing how many troll topics manage to stay up yet an intelligent topic pointing things out gets deleted. Maybe it was the title I used to get people to actually read it. Anyways...

The Wii U trolling is unlike anything I have ever seen. As someone who was a diehard IGN board member back in the early days of the Dreamcast, PS2, Dolphin, and Xbox I know what trolling is like but nowadays the stupidity has reached new heights. The worst thing about it is that the gaming industry has always been so unpredictable and their is only a few facts you can actually go by yet people act like they know exactly how things will pan out. Nobody does.

First of all the Wii U has had an average system launch for a 3d console. People don't realize we are entering the 4th generation of 3d consoles. Sure graphics have gotten better, online has become big, and the gaming machines can do many more things but overall these games foundation were built in the N64 and PS days and we aren't gonna have that big jump again. It's not that games haven't gotten better but for anyone who has been gaming for so long their is nothing that can compare to those first experiences of Mario 64, Final Fantasy 7, or Goldeneye. Many gamers are jaded nowadays because we have had close to 20 years of 3d games and we have seen it all which makes it extremely hard to be impressed or to hand over cash for the same type of gaming experiences we've had for years. You gotta think if you grew up on the NES there was really only 2 generations of 2d gaming over about a 12 years span. I live in North America btw and am only speaking for how things panned out here.

Now you have the Wii U launch. For the most part it's been about as average of a new system as you can get. At launch you had a couple good to great games that show off the functions of the new controller, some 3rd party ports, some exclusive 3rd party games about to hit, and some games that we were expecting getting delayed which seems to happen a lot around launches. Even though Ubisoft is making a huge mistake, but that's another topic. Have their been bugs and problems with some things on the Wii U? Of course. Nintendo is very new as far as making a system with the type of online capabilities. For a company whose main capabilites was making consoles and games they did a respectable job and are fixing some of the issues. The Xbox 360 launched with many of the same problems from a company who should have much more experience at making a stable console in reality.

Now people are saying the Wii U is selling so poorly because the lack of games. This very well could be the case and I would usually agree. But, this is where the gaming industry hasn't made sense in the past and things get tricky. First of all the economy sucks and could be a huge part of it. Then if you look at the Vita and 3ds, it took a price reduction and some big games for those systems sales to pick up. We can't say for sure why it's not selling until we see some big releases and also see how the PS4 and new Xbox do.

Lack of games. Every troll who comes on this board to whine about it ammuses me. If it were only games that sold systems then the gaming industry would be a whole different landscape. The Dreamcast had the best launch out of 3d systems with a steady stream of great content yet it got killed as soon as the PS2 was released. How is this relevant? Go back and look at the first year of the PS2 and tell me what you were playing. The biggest thing on that system for a whole year was a DEMO of Metal Gear Solid 2. A demo. If it were only games that sold systems then the Dreamcast would have killed the PS2 during it's first year and been a contender but we all know how that went. I would also like people to go back and tell me how many high quality, AAA titles they were playing on the PS2/3 Xbox/360 during their first 4 months. People talk like the Wii U has been out for 4 years, not 4 months.

User Info: shaunme

4 years ago#2
Too long couldn't be bothered reading...but dolphin is an emulator, gamecube was the console.
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User Info: curtland

4 years ago#3
ITT: Damage control.

I love Nintendo. I really do, but this system is a bust. Give it up already.
Only idoits can't spell.

User Info: thundercat2600

4 years ago#4

The fact that you feel the need for this much damage control just proves the Wii U is a pathetic failure.
they have the PC version of Darksiders 2 running on WiiU in 1080 native at 60 fps and full graphics options on. Neither 360 or PS3 can come close

User Info: lninjasonicl

4 years ago#5
Knights of Columbus that's a lot of text.
I once worked with a guy for three years and never learned his name. Best friend I ever had. We still never talk sometimes.

User Info: Rasputin77

4 years ago#6
curtland posted...
I love Nintendo. I really do, but this system is a bust. Give it up already.

Same here... and do you know how many brains just melted from reading that?

**Says he... loves... Nintendo... but yet... capable of... pointing out faults... derpage... does not... compute... durrrr... need mommy...**

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User Info: jbhens

4 years ago#7
For anyone who still talks about the Wii U collecting dust or lack of games I would love for you to tell me all those killer, AAA titles you were playing on your PS2/3 Xbox/360 during their first 4 months. Chances are you were playing average games while drooling over the games that were about a year or more out. Most systems nowadays take about a year or more before you even start seeing the games that take advantage of the new hardware and are considered AAA system sellers. That's one of the drawbacks of these gorgeous graphics and big games. They take time to make, for everyone. If you think the PS4 or Nexbox launches will be any different, prepare for dissapointment.

Not every system will have a Mario 64, Halo, or Wii Sports that captures the imagination of everyone at launch. Those are not the norm and sometimes takes a system a year before it picks up a truly amazing game. The PS2, Gamecube, 360, PS3, and Wii U didn't have that one big game at launch, but everyone can only complain about the Wii U cause they have nothing better to do.

Now as far as predicting how this generation will pan out, nobody knows. But everyone acts like an expert. The industry is not predictable at all. For everyone claiming games sells systems did you think the PS2 should have dominated the Dreamcast so easily when the PS2 had nothing great to play for a whole year? Did you predict that after the monster success of the PS2 that the PS3 would be dominated by the Wii, which was coming from Nintendo that had finished last the previous gen and wasn't much more powerful then the Gamecube? Did you predict Microsoft would finish last this gen after it had a 1 year head start and a 10 million install base lead? Did you think the 3DS was dead because of how it was selling at first? You probably did. How is that going now?

Truth is nobody can predict much of anything. If games sold systems it would be easy but thats not the case. The Dreamcast had a much better selection of games while the PS2 had a mediocre first year yet we see how that went. The Gamecube actually had a much better first year then the Xbox and the PS2 yet it didn't sell. The Wii came out of nowhere and took over the gaming industry for a few years and nobody saw it doing that. The only thing you can do is wait for a few years and see how things pan out because 4 months is not enough time to predict anything.

The only thing that is certain is that Nintendo has very little debt and is sitting on a pile of money so 4 months of lackluster sales will not kill them at all. We can also predict that when a new Mario Kart or Smash hit the Wii U sales could easily pick up. Going by how things have been going in the handheld market, a price reduction could also help. So until those things happen, whose to say how the future will pan out for the Wii U.

User Info: Beatperson14

4 years ago#8

HOLY ****

User Info: lninjasonicl

4 years ago#9
In more interesting news that Veronica Mars movie seems to be happening
I once worked with a guy for three years and never learned his name. Best friend I ever had. We still never talk sometimes.

User Info: jbhens

4 years ago#10
Dolphin was the codename for Gamecube which shows me how young or very little people actually know about the past of the gaming industry. And a bunch of troll reponses where nobody can complain about the lack of Wii U games but make mention of what was so incredible in the first 4 months of the PS2/3 and Xbox/360. Big surprise. And I dont own a Wii U yet so why am I doing damage control. Besides the Dreamcast, I usually wait about a year to buy a systems...
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