Why can't Mario be more like God of War? Serious

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User Info: foxyReyoko

4 years ago#1
First of all..... I'm not talking about making this game super violent!

God of War has epic boss fights and set pieces that feel like you are playing on a grand scale. Why can't Mario games impress like this? It's always on a small scale, usually moving on a 2D plane still jumping on enemies, wtf? Super Mario Galaxy came close to a next level Mario game, but still falls short.

User Info: New Link

New Link
4 years ago#2
Eh, the boss fights in mario have been hit and miss, I can say that any of the minibosses and main boss battle in Super Mario World all took more skill than if they reduced the simplicity down to set-pieces.

In the 3D games, the bosses could definitely be improved, make them at least as challenging as the 2D games' bosses, but don't reduce them down to set-pieces... that's just boring.
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User Info: mattersville

4 years ago#3
Keep your QTE poo to yourself!
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User Info: pokemonfreak97

4 years ago#4
How do you mean with regards to the boss battles? If you mean long and tough boss battles, I direct you to Super Mario 3D Land's final battle. If you want large and imposing, I direct you to Super Mario Galaxy 2. If you want quicktime events (saw someone else mention them in the thread) in the vein of "press buttons/shake the remote/draw stuff on the GamePad as it flashes onscreen", then no. That's a complete genre shift to rhythm game. Mario is many things, but not Guitar Hero.
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