Let's face it guys: People aren't buying the Wii U because the Xbox 360 and PS3

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User Info: digiblaster

4 years ago#21
Sailor Goon posted...
Beatperson14 posted...
DeathSoul2000 posted...
...are more powerful consoles.

This. Not entirely true but this is what the public believes

It's true when you consider most of the multiplats available

Thing is though, we've had some (not many of course) that are better on Wii U, so we know that if developers take their time with ports, we'll be able to see a marked improvement over the 360 and PS3. Sadly though, they aren't, and a large portion of the gaming population aren't aware of what it can do.

I think once Nintendo bring a couple of big hitters to the table (Mario Kart, 3D Mario, perhaps Zelda) and people start to take notice of the Wii U, multiplats might improve (and we might get more of them too). It's going to be pretty tight though, what with Sony and MS having new systems just round the corner, so if we don't get something solid soon, Wii U could well go the way of the Wii in terms of multiplats.

At the end of the day though, I never bought my Wii U with the intention of buying multiplats for it. It's the games like Mario, Zelda and Metroid that made me buy it - any other games are just a bonus.
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User Info: pearlarowana

4 years ago#22
Solnot posted...
...are cheaper consoles. The Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 also play the same games that the Wii U does (and have even more exclusives than the Wii U). So why would people want to pay $300 or $350 for a Wii U when they can get an Xbox 360 starting at $200 or a PlayStation 3 starting at $250? Nintendo needs to drop the price of the Wii U if they actually want to compete with last gen consoles.

Ding ding!
the what nintendo get when selling weak and sub par console disguised as next gen. they done it before, but public have learned their lesson the hard way.
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User Info: Reece504

4 years ago#23
Amakusa posted...
New Xbox hasn't been revealed yet, but as of what Sony showed for the PS4 people are going to look at that, see the PS3 next to it, and wonder why they should bother with the PS4.

I imagine the same is going to happen to the new Xbox.

What yeaaa right same reason people went from the ps2 to the ps3 graphics and not only that, its the next best thing. People want the better version a lot of people want the next best thing just look at Iphone people went from 1-5 just because the next one had slightly more features Sony fans are going to buy the PS4 like french fries when it comes out if they launch with Deep down, Killzone4, Infamous, Watch dogs people will pick it up. They showed those games which looked amazing and people are already talking about buying it just from that little showcase.
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User Info: Darkside_Shadow

4 years ago#24
Even if the Wii U was a 100$ right now it would not interest me because there is no games!

I have no need for Mario 2d and another Zombie game. All the other titles I can get on Ps360. THAT is a problem. That and the fact that multiplats/3rd party dont look or run any better on Wii U. HUGE problem.

Consumers are not blind or deaf.

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User Info: GoreGamer

4 years ago#25
I also think Nintendo damaged its reputation following the WII. The console was marketed so aggressively and yet most people I know who had one were dissapointed. They may have mad a lot of profit with it but I think it hurt them. That may have something to do with why the 3DS also struggled.
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