What do you want from a new Metroid U game?

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User Info: Ghost-inZeShell

4 years ago#111
shaunme posted...
A nude cheat

It was a cheat, but they originally had something like that in Super Metroid.

It's not going to happen though. (Many reasons)
The U.S. has censored almost everything Japanese anime or game that has been legally localized.

Japan has public baths, and are more tolerant of nudity, however, most of the world is not, and would be rather shocked to find such a thing in a series that has been "family-friendly" for nearly 30 years, and from Nintendo.

Lastly, "sexism in our media" has become a 'thing'.
Up until now, Samus has been a good exception to the rule, with the exception that she removes more of her suit in the game's ending, based upon collection-rate and "score".

In-short, not going to happen.

User Info: Chocobo115

4 years ago#112
2D HD graphics metroidvania style game.

User Info: Ghost-inZeShell

4 years ago#113
Chocobo115 posted...
2D HD graphics metroidvania style game.


Super Metroid is being re-release for the Wii U in May, as part of Nintendo's 30 anniversary thing.

User Info: abbyhitter

4 years ago#114
Soanevalcke6 posted...
abbyhitter posted...
- no 1st person view
- no random planet you have to explore to recover your power-ups
- voice acting like in Other M
- Other M-style gameplay
- Other M-style cinematic cutscenes
- sequel to Metroid Fusion
- seeing Samus as a child and growing up with the Chozo

If you don't actually Like the Metroid series' gameplay, Why do you want to ruin it for everybody else? There are plenty of linear, hand-holding games out there. Not every game has to cater to you.

I love Metroid gameplay. I just hated the Prime series.
I always rush here to tell GameFAQs my problems!

User Info: Ghost-inZeShell

4 years ago#115
abbyhitter posted...

I love Metroid gameplay. I just hated the Prime series.


User Info: DTY3

4 years ago#116
shaunme posted...
No goddam motion controls

If it's First Person, include motion control.
Metroid Zero Mission and Super Metroid are some of the finest 2D games ever made and are the best in the series.
Metroid Fusion is pretty cool I guess.

User Info: Ghost-inZeShell

4 years ago#117
RugterWyper32 posted...
You know what I wouldn't mind? Third person on the main screen, first person on the WiiU controller. I think that would be an interesting concept to work with. I'm sure they could make it work.

EternalWolf posted...
2d/FPS Hybrid


Expand upon Other M gameplay. That already was "2d" gameplay with FPS and RE4 gameplay, they just made horrible use of it. But it can easily be done and Other M proves it.

You know what, that's not a bad idea.

I'm in favor of a hybrid-perspective Metroid game.
Metroid has proven that it lends itself naturally to various perspectives:
Super Metroid style, Prime style, and Other M.

I (like most fans) didn't like Other M for the portrayal of Samus.
I did like the gameplay. Especially later in the game when you "unlocked" all of your powers, it flowed very well.
I think that it can be expanded upon, improved, refined, but mostly, it's pretty solid.
I appreciated that the camera changed to best suit the room, situation, or mood, and never got in the way.

I have particularly have noticed that the 2D Metroid games (1-4) have exclusively taken place underground, or in the corridors of a space station.
Whereas the Primes (for the most part) take place above ground (most of the game you can see sky).

What if your perspective changed appropriately to where you are?
Underground labyrinths (like the dungeons from Zelda) where you have a Super Metroid perspective.
An "Overworld" where you have Prime perspective.
And tense "abandon space-station" sections with the OtherM/RE4 perspective.

You would need to do them all to get through the game, but with Metroid's iconic laissez-faire attitude toward the time you take exploring each part of the world. You can spend as much or as little time in any of them.


User Info: Ghost-inZeShell

4 years ago#118
Underground labyrinths like Super Metroid.
Open-sky-seeing overworld like Metroid Prime.
Tight, tense abandoned-ship section like OtherM/RE4.


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