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User Info: penguinexdeus

4 years ago#1
Just picked up a WiiU today... have 2 questions:

1.) Was the sensor bar supposed to come with a small stand? The original Wii has a small stand for the sensor bar. I don't want to stick the sensor bar to the TV (my original Wii one is stuck there now so i'm using that for now until i by a new TV)

2.) Which games have off screen play? Is it a feature you enable or do you just turn the TV off? Seems like New Mario Bros U I could just turn TV off and play on just gamepad...

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User Info: picano

4 years ago#2
1) Not that I know of. I've never used the original Wii's either though.

2) Some times off-screen is an option, others it requires action (and well, others don't offer it at all). Off hand I can tell you that Sonic Racing and Mighty Switch force require a swipe of some kind. If the game features it, it'll likely mention it one the package / online specifications.
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User Info: marioman87

4 years ago#3
1. I don't know anything really about that.

2. How the tablet works differs from game to game. Both Mario and Runner 2, for instance, have the tablet's screen always mirror the TV exactly, with no option to turn it off, sadly (it would be nice to be able to conserve the tablet's power and lengthen screen life). F-Zero does the same, so that's a good indication all future VC games will do that as well. Netflix lets you choose between watching your video on the TV or the tablet. Arkham City lets you quickly select your gadget on the screen, but I don't believe you can play the entire game on the tablet (correct me if I'm wrong).
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