Nvidia Discusses Gen 8 Graphics

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User Info: Wekos1187

4 years ago#51
ermacos posted...
GigantLuffy posted...
Does this mean the stuff at PS4 conference was just CGI?

killzone looked legit and it proved to be 1080p at 30fps without AA... wii U can do that to..

the old man, the demo from square enix (its not a game but a tech demo for their engine called LUMINUS), the racing car demo, etc are mostly demonstrations.

I give u an example... Before ps3 released, they showed at E3 a racing game looking SOOOO amazing.. but when the official game came out, was like ps2 graphics...even worse

I am not saying ps4 will have bad graphics.. no.. but all next gen machines, will start from the graphical level of ps360... just like wii U does.. All of them... they will have to make a transition....

The old man demo was horrible... a tech demo from 2007 in a PC, looks much better.

If you're talking about Motorstorm, I'm sorry it did not look like a PS2. Sure it didn't look like the video they showed but its graphics were actually quite nice.

User Info: lordofthenlpple

4 years ago#52
There are few good games on the PC. Most people purchase games for consoles, not for their computers. PC has some unique genres that are generally lacking on consoles. Games like RTS and MMOs. But consoles still deliver the best gaming experiences. Console exclusive action titles are generations ahead.
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