Thinking about picking it up today.

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User Info: wugeezy

4 years ago#11
Look for the $50 dollar gift card with purchase specials.

User Info: Lark_XII

4 years ago#12
Hey how much is it anyway like 300$-350$? I'll take a look at that target deal sounds good to me, I'll get MH3U for sure love my MH been a fan since the first one on ps2... Just kind of a bummer there's nothing else out really.

User Info: Lark_XII

4 years ago#13
I just looked through the entire game library... Dude there's like nothing out... I mean I heard it was pretty dry but wow this is bad... Are there any games coming up at least worth checking out? Like anything new been announced anything in the works? Any mention of a Metroid game or anything cool like that to get hyped up over... The monolith soft game looks really good no doubt anything else like that in the works? I haven't really been keeping up with wii u news.

User Info: LurkerLord

4 years ago#14
Lego City Undercover is getting good reviews; I'd highly recommend it if you like comical, open world games.

User Info: bigjclassic

4 years ago#15
Do you have a Wii? If not get Xenoblade, Last Story, the Zeldas/Metroids and a few others.
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User Info: UltraOverlord

4 years ago#16
Lark_XII posted...
Gonna buy this system today probably because of MH3U probably any other games on this console worth checking out... Please don't recommend Mario or stuff along those lines I'm not into those games anymore I'm looking for some serious games... I know they will have Zelda and Metroid eventually so those are the kinds of games I'm more into. I saw a trailer for Xenoblade 2 or whatever the next monolith game will be and that looks good. In short I'm looking for some more grown up games I guess. I don't mean like call of duty either just games that cater to an older audience.

you have no idea what you are getting into...
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User Info: Lark_XII

4 years ago#17
I know that's why I'm asking for some info here, I mean I know how Nintendo is I only own a handful of games for wii... Anyway I was just hoping Nintendo had something cool up its sleeve, guess not huh? I guess if capcom decides to make MH4 on wii u this thing could be my MH console lol.
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