Should Nintendo have held off releasing Wii U till it had made a few Exclusives?

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User Info: Garfield64

4 years ago#1
Would Nintendo have been better off waiting till they made the Wii U some exclusives before releasing it? - Results (42 votes)
64.29% (27 votes)
35.71% (15 votes)
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User Info: Nice_Kirbyfan9

4 years ago#2
Yes and No.

They should have waited til they had a system seller exclusive, but look at the wii in 2011 and 2012. The quality of the titles being released was significantly worse than the PS3 and 360 and throughout 2012 the wii was pretty much crawling to its death.

By making the wii weak and cheap, they sold a lot of consoles, but they pretty much ensured an early death for it, forcing them to prematurely release the wii u.
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User Info: Jackal

4 years ago#3
If they really wanted this thing to sell like crazy? Yes. Some people only buy their consoles for their exclusives. They should have had a Zelda or Mario ready to go or even that Pikmin 3 at launch.
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User Info: Sinfullyvannila

4 years ago#4
No, they should have gotten the ball rolling earlier so the system would have come out 2 years ago.
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User Info: LinktoDrink

4 years ago#5
Yes, but not even just exclusives. They needed to get more publishers on board with bringing their multiplat games here. There's no reason Tomb Raider, MGR, Crysis 3, or Bioshock Infinite couldn't have been brought to Wii U. Publishers just don't think it's worth it.
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User Info: shootsmack

4 years ago#6
They should not have released the Wii U at all. It needed either a completely different name or a completely different (better) hardware set.
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User Info: Shankspeare

4 years ago#7
Their games clearly weren't ready either way. For whatever reason people like to speculate, they weren't ready. So for them to have released them with quality issues would have set a bad tone for the system, which is the most important aspect of a console to begin with. It sucks having a drought and being thirsty, but is just as bad if not worse with having to drink piss.

User Info: cucumberking

4 years ago#8
shootsmack posted...
They should not have released the Wii U at all. It needed either a completely different name or a completely different (better) hardware set.

People didn't think the Wii was worth it either, and a large chunk of our developers died catering to the PS360

User Info: ballermat982

4 years ago#9
I'm pretty disappointed that Pikmin 3 is still not ready for release. A game that was originally going to be a Wii game should have been a launch title for Wii U. Rayman Legends has been a disaster. Also, how hard is it to recreate a game in hd? I honestly don't know, but Wind Waker hd would have been a great launch title.

User Info: The_DOAM

4 years ago#10
The answer is no, Nintendo exclusives drive away 3rd parties this was scene quite heavily with the Gamecube. With the Wii U they wanted 3rd parties to take root before hand. It is true that the WiiU launch has more 3rd part support than previous Nintendo launches.

Though most are ports which is standard for a console launch an obvious way to test the waters. With the Wii library available to people new to the system and to those who can simply move their libraries over Nintendo isn't in any rush to provide a system seller. They will wait till the launch of the PS4 this holiday season. Then they will release their exclusives such as the mention 3d Mario, Yoshi, and Zelda games all timed for that time frame. Nintendo isn't in any rush they are not about graphics.

This ensures their long term survivability as the new competitor systems from the information gathered are scratching at PC territory. PC will always win the graphic war and people who choose to have gaming rigs generally also have a Wii just for said exclusives. So their is currently no rush for Nintendo to do anything as Nintendo moves at it's own pace and determines the direction of gaming.

Wii brought motion controls the competition did the same. Nintendo declares a new system the competition rushes their own. DS has touchscreen so does the vita now. Wii U has a tablet they have vita connectivity and smart-glass. Point is it's Nintendo and It's the only gaming company I don't worry about.
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