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User Info: Chenmaster2

4 years ago#1
what part of new and upcoming you don't get?
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User Info: FuNsH1nE

4 years ago#2
So new would mean games that came out recently and upcoming would be games that are coming out in the near future

User Info: pearlarowana

4 years ago#3
3rd party are abandong wii u like a plague... wii u is a sinking ship... abort... abort!!!!!
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User Info: NeojianX

4 years ago#4
Pass gen games are being used to try and save new gen systems. .... that came out with the games as an after thought. Bought with the games as an after-thought also it would seem. You lined up for system with no JRPGs or JP niche games that I like. I'm getting them more now for the PSP 3001 (physical copies with bonuses). I play them on the go and on my SD and HDTVs with a cheap adapter cable. For the Win!
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