Why did you buy the Wii-U?

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User Info: RagingKoalaBear

4 years ago#1
This isn't a troll topic. I honestly want to know what about to Wii-U made you pick one up.

Follow-up bonus question: why did you upgrade to the Wii-U if you had a Wii already. Was your right hand lonely during the day-time? Is that why?
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User Info: MathewManson

4 years ago#2
What does that even mean?
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User Info: Y34RX3R0

4 years ago#3
Only had a PS3, wanted another system. It is great!
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User Info: CranberryPSO

4 years ago#4
"why did you upgrade to the Wii-U if you had a Wii already. Was your right hand lonely during the day-time? Is that why?"

*Scratches her head* Huh? What is that supposed to mean?

Anyways. I got the WiiU on launch night. The main reason for it is because of the Xbox live fees on the 360. I have a friend that wants to play games online with me, but I knew that I would be losing my income at the end of the year. I got the WiiU because of Nintendo's free online co-op. I was expecting her to be getting a WiiU as well. It was my last major purchase before losing my income. I picked up Sonic Racing as well. I was looking long-term here, so that I would be able to play online co-op WiiU and Wii stuff with her long after I lost my income and not be plagued by 360 Gold fees. I've also had trouble with unauthorized purchases being made on my Xbox live account, and Microsoft refusing to refund me for purchases on my account that I never made, so really don't want to be giving them anymore money.

Unfortunately, my friend had a change of heart and never bought a WiiU, so I never got the chance to play online co-op with her after all. To make matters worse, she now refuses to play anything except 360, which has become quite a sour point between us lately.
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User Info: IloveElite

4 years ago#5
Because I wanted to play Pikmin 3

yeah, the jokes on me. up yours Nintendo.

User Info: nintendo3000

4 years ago#6
I wanted it.
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User Info: Jaime_Benn

4 years ago#7
I wanted a new console and had money. I was either a 360 or Wii U. I had a PS3 already so I picked the Wii U.
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User Info: Reflex-Arc

4 years ago#8
I've wanted to play a side scrolling Super Mario game in HD on a Nintendo console since I purchased my first HD TV over a decade ago. The Wii U finally made that happen. Worth every penny of the admission price, thank you Nintendo.

User Info: Shadowbird_RH

4 years ago#9
Since I greatly enjoyed the GameCube and the Wii, I was sure I was going to buy a Wii U eventually. I normally wait a year or two before buying a new console, to give it time to develop its library and work out any bugs and/or hardware defects.

As for why I bought it early, the main reason was because I wanted my Wii games to be playable in my living room and bedroom without having to move consoles around. Having the Wii U set up, configured, updated, and ready for new games as they come was also of influence.
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User Info: AiuchiFanboi

4 years ago#10
Was going to eventually get one, but it was kind of a perfect storm.

Ran into Target and they had the basic on sale for $260. The wife told me to buy it .
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