Wii U sales so poor retailers considering scaling back support

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User Info: thepixelgarden

4 years ago#81
Emerald_Melios posted...
They need more traditional RPGs, side-scrolling platformers, and other first-party games in general. Don't need any of the ultraviolent psychopath simulator games or casual shooter games; there's plenty of that on the other consoles. The Wii U just needs games to match the quality of its handheld counterpart, as well as predecessors like SNES, Wii, PS2, etc.

Now that you bring it up, this is my main problem, too. I have no interest in, as you say, "ultraviolent psychopath simulator games or casual shooter games". Almost everything I want to play seems to be considered not grand enough to be a retail console game, so they end up being on handhelds. Nothing against handhelds of course, but I'd RATHER play Sticker Stars or even a beefed-up Pushmo on my big screen. I'd also prefer to play the 2D Castlevania on my tv, rather than the 3D one. But, maybe I'm in the minority.

User Info: Voysa_Reezun

4 years ago#82
Two things are the cause of this, in my opinion:

First, as others have noted, many of the big games for the console so far are ports from the 360 and PS3. Too many, in fact.

Second, the gaming market is just split between so many options that the WiiU is competing against not only late adopters of the 360 and PS3, but other plaforms as well:

- PC (Steam and GOG have led me right back to PC gaming, especially GOG which does DRM right - that is to say, there is none)

- IPhone/IPad and Android

Just recently, I picked up Alpha Centauri, all the Tropico games up to Tropico 3, Hotline: Miami, and a ton of very fun Android games in a Humble Indie Bundle (Beat Hazard, Crayon Physics, and Superbrothers: Sword and Sworcery being my three favorites). I did all this for 25 bucks. Between these games, all the other five dollar or less games that I still have to play sitting there on my PC, and all the games on the 360's ridiculously vast library that I am still working through, I have no reason to run out and get a WiiU, especially considering that the small WiiU library has a number of titles available on the 360.

Honestly, I used to go out and get consoles ASAP, but at this point, I am definitely going to slow-play this upcoming gen and see what Nintendo does about its library (I hated the GameCube library and was not a fan of the Wii library, but it's Nintendo, I'll give them infinite chances to win me over) as well as what Microsoft and Sony do regarding being always online/locking out used games.

At this point, if I don't like what I see from any of these companies, I will just go get a PS3 when they hit 150 bucks new and play all the exclusives that I still haven't played while waiting for the few big releases I care about coming up inevitably in this next gen (Borderlands 3, Fallout 4, GTA VI) to get heavily discounted on Steam so that I can play them on PC instead.

Consoles are going to have to wow me to get me to plunk down my cash for them, and I bet that even if other people don't necessarily have my exact same experience with games or outlook on what I want to play, all the cheap, quality gaming options out there mean that we can sit and wait on seeing what the WiiU can offer (or the Durango/PS4 for that matter) before buying. I don't expect console sales to pick up until we get our first big price drop/new bundling of games. Even then, it may not be the big bump that people might expect.

Sorry for the length.
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User Info: baddog992

4 years ago#83
You make a good point. Kind of how I feel right now, pc games are super cheap now. Also dont forget android/apple games. I just think most are waiting until a price drop or one the main games for nintendo to come out.

User Info: pearlarowana

4 years ago#84
nintendo should just lower the wii price below ps3 and 360 price because those console is obviously better and have more demand..
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