What the Wii U needs now...is to grab some

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User Info: David80008

4 years ago#11
Monkey_Fu posted...
Donald Duck?

Isnt that Daffy Duck?

Scrooge McDuck, Donalds Scottish Quadrillionaire cousin.
Let the record show that I'm a gaming atheist!
Do a barrel roll!

User Info: Devil_wings00

4 years ago#12
Too bad it's capcom behind it. I'm sure 10 DLC levels will be released that end up costing more then the entire "full" game did ;p
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User Info: PrincessTsuki

4 years ago#13
It's... Scrooge McDuck. Not Donald.

User Info: Melkac

4 years ago#14
Mega_Shad0 posted...

If they made a game out of a relevant cartoon like this I'd play it. this is my childhood, not donald duck in a hat.

Dude, that's some pretty damn bad childhood.
Why do your parents hate you?

Also, I know you're trolling, but I had to say that.

User Info: MechaKoopa5000

4 years ago#15
Also, despite the fact that's Scrooge and not Donald- Donald Duck always wears a hat anyway.

User Info: ADHDguitar

4 years ago#16
You people have no sense of humor.
Still waiting for Diddy Kong Racing 2

User Info: Monkey_Fu

4 years ago#17
If only sarcasm can be felt/seen through words
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