Zombi U is kind of "blah"

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User Info: knightimex

4 years ago#1
Graphically the game looks awesome.

Controls have been done better on other games.

Press a button to climb a ladder?

6/10 from me.
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User Info: MotiJr

4 years ago#2
Graphics aren't great. Controls are good and gamepad features are excellent. 7/10 from me but opinions opinions.

User Info: New Link

New Link
4 years ago#3
7/10 from me, the game is good and so very close to great, but the cricket bat is a chore. I definitely don't mind only having one life,, death being an actual setback, but the one-hit kills from the zombies is just a little excessive.
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User Info: DougyB

4 years ago#4
MotiJr posted...
Graphics aren't great. Controls are good and gamepad features are excellent. 7/10 from me but opinions opinions.

Mmm... I would say a portion of the game pad features are good, but the rest are awful "tap" actions.

Scanning is pretty cool, sniping is cool, the map and quick item stuff is nice, etc. At least that's all I can remember.

The rest just feels like rushed stuff with low quality static images attached. It would have been cooler if you could have spun the sewer lid or flicked it off and actually seen it move, and when you filled the syringe maybe you could have dragged the plunger dealy back and seen the liquid fill, etc.

Some nice touches and diversity would have been appreciated.

User Info: AlexFili

4 years ago#5
Good graphics, good controls, horrible combat, lame 'ghosts', cheap scares. Dead Island was better
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User Info: ChipChipperson

4 years ago#6
I was so hyped for this game but I haven't touched it in months. In hindsight and with the hype gone, I think it has a lot of good ideas but it's not a very good or enjoyable game. However I'd still like to see a sequel.

No joke, I am enjoying the new Walking Dead game far more; the gameplay is more varied and fun.
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User Info: Dynheart

4 years ago#7
It get's a solid 7/10 from me.

What brought the game down was the melee combat and the bugs.

Still a solid game.
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User Info: shaunme

4 years ago#8
"tap to remove barrier "

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User Info: Giygasminion

4 years ago#9
I'd give it about 8/10.

My main complaints are the bugs, a mediocre plot and poor Wiimote controls in multiplayer. Overall, though, I've found the game to be a really good survival horror game. And that multiplayer is amazing.
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User Info: SychinLegacy

4 years ago#10
I thought it was a pretty good game. Immersion is it's forte. Playing with the lights off at night was great. The entire game felt incredibly tense to the point where I had to just creep around slowly.

It's meant to be a slow paced game where the anxiety taxes you. If you can't immerse yourself or you just want to run and gun without a care you'll hate it.
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