what I expect and what I would've done with Wind Waker HD

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User Info: omniryu

4 years ago#1
What do I expect from Wind Waker is real time menu management and the Tingle play. I also expect it to be easier. Maybe decrease HP, enemies aggression, and what not. I expect sailing to be faster. Lately Zelda is trying to be more.... streamline. Make everything goes smoothly and faster.

What I would do with wind water is, a master quest, a 1:1 baton control with the stylus. Add a dungeon for the water pearl and call it a day.
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User Info: PG50

4 years ago#2
I expect it to be pretty much exactly like it is now. Not easier, or more difficult in terms of enemy hp or damage. I don't expect them to add more dungeons, or decrease sailing time.

What I would do is add a few more dungeons, and make it a little harder. I'd also like to kill Tingle, or have another way to read the maps.

I love Wind Waker, so if it's exactly the same I'll be very happy.

User Info: RockD79

4 years ago#3
I'm not expecting anything beyond the graphics, hopefully some orchestrated tracks, the gamepad used for maps, inventory and the tingle tuner... and maybe some touch elements for the wind waker melodies.
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User Info: nonexistinghero

4 years ago#4
I expect it to receive just about the same treatment that OoT 3D got.
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User Info: iovandrake

4 years ago#6
It'll be lazy and bad like the original game was.
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