My DREAM Nintendo Wii U games list... What are yours?

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User Info: Kenaue

4 years ago#11
Hiten Mitsurugi S posted...
Kenaue posted...
Super Mario 64 U. The DS remake was horrible.
DK 64 U (another remake, but at least with this one the only other way to play it is to have an N64.....)
A new Zelda game with WW type style. (WWHD will be fantastic, but I'd love a new one with the same art style.)
A new Metroid game like Prime, but bigger and better.
New Jedi Knight game.
A Pokemon game that plays exactly like the mainline games....or hell, just out X/Y on it. I'd give anything to play it on my Wii U.)

The DS remake was awesome.......extra levels and

The content wasn't the problem. It was the controls. Mario controlled like ass with the dpad.
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User Info: fon1988

4 years ago#12
The_Akxsion posted...
Super Mario RPG 2

True sequel to Yoshi's Island

Donkey Kong Country 4
classic DKC playstyle
choose between Donkey, Diddie, Dixie, Kiddy and unlockable Cranky Kong

Eternal Darkness 2

Metroid Fusion 2D sequel

Castlevania Symphony of the Night 2

Super Mario 64-2 or remake or something. More like Mario 64 and less like Super Mario Galaxy.

The Legend of Zelda like the Wii U tech demo. Twilight Princess, Wind Waker and Ocarina of Time are my favorite Zeldas (aside from Link's Awakening), so I would like a Zelda like those.
(Skyward Sword is the worst Zelda (very linear and casual and I hate the controls) aside from Majora's Mask, so NOT a Zelda like those!!!!!!!!!!)

Star Wars Shadows of the Empire 2

Those are my Wii U dream games and those games would print money! So, your dream games are...?.......

You have a good list there.

I just have a question though, what makes you hate the Galaxy games? I thought they were very good follow ups to the Mario 64 game. They were more linear but their creativity and length made up for that in my opinion.

User Info: BeerOnTap

4 years ago#13
Give me KART, or give me death.

Also a direct sequel to Ocarina of Time, the only playable game in the series. The others were just so dumb and boring.

User Info: Darth Gecko

Darth Gecko
4 years ago#14
Bubble Bobble U
Harvest Moon U
Ogre Battle U
Dodge Ball U
International Superstar Soccer U
Killer Instinct U
Rogue Squadron U
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User Info: harvestmoonmike

4 years ago#15
There already is a fourth DKC.
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User Info: manji

4 years ago#16
Breath of Fire U
7th Saga U
Secret of Mana U (with online multiplayer)
Shadowrun U (porting the upcoming PC game would be good enough for now)
Ogre Battle U

those are probably my most missed and loved Super NES games i can think of right now that would be great to see come back on the Wii U.

User Info: GoombaX

4 years ago#17
GameKing59 posted...
1.American McGee Presents Scrapland.
2.Dead Rising 2: Off The Record.
3.The Walking Dead: The Game (both seasons)
4.A third Elebits game.
5.A third Mushroom Men game.
6.SCP: Containment Breach.
8.Yaiba: Ninja Gaiden Z.
10.Dead Island.
11.Dead Island: Riptide.

dude could you imagine slender with the wii mote game would be scary as balls
Pro tip : Thats not how I would do it

User Info: NejiHyuga900

4 years ago#18
- Donkey Kong Country Returns 2
- The Legend of Zelda: [Insert title]
- Slender: The Arrival
- The Walking Dead (Telltale Games)
- Donkey Kong 64 U
- Donkey Kong Country/Land Collection (contains every DKC and DKL game, 6 games in 1)
- Kirby Super Star HD
- Super Mario Bros. HD (a compilation of SMB, SMB:TLL, SMB2, SMB3, SMW, and SMW2:YI enhanced in NSBU-style. Maybe there will be one as DLC for NSMBU?)
- Star Wars Jedi Knight IV
- Star Wars: The Old Republic
- Mega Man X9
- Mega Man X Collection (there is one for PS2/GameCube but I don't have a PS2 anymore and my GameCube is missing. But for a Wii U version, contain every Mega Man X game, and X: Command Mission if possible)
- Mega Man X: Command Mission HD (if it wouldn't fit in an X Collection for Wii U)
- Mortal Kombat X (a sequel to the 2010 Mortal Kombat based on MK4, Deadly Alliance, Deception, and Armageddon)
- Super Mario Galaxy 3 (or any 3D Mario title)
- Sonic the Hedgehog: Chronology (A 2D Sonic game that is based on Sonic 1, Sonic 2, Sonic 3 & Knuckles, Sonic CD, and Knuckles' Chaotix)
- Sonic Adventure 3
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User Info: Bahamut_10th

4 years ago#19
Soul Blazer 4
Castlevania Legacy of Darkness 2
Star Wars Shadows of the Empire HD - Because a sequel would probably get the awful modern shooter traits
Super Bomberman U
Starfox 5
Hexen HD with assymetric gameplay
Final Fantasy Crystal Bearers 2
Paper Mario with badges and partners back
Final Fantasy IX HD
Age of Empires II HD (I already bought the one onsteam)
Kirby's Return to Dreamland 2
Zelda with only swordplay and items controlled by motion plus
Jojo's Bizarre Adventure All Star Battle port
Castlevania Judgement 2
Mother HD Collection
Open World Pokemon game with more emphasys on interaction with the creatures instead of using them up like tools
New Street Fighter title (Not a VS)

User Info: JSC3

4 years ago#20
First Party:
•Paper Mario 3 (True Paper Mario game like the first two)
•Starfox U
•F-Zero U
•Luigi's Mansion 3 (A mixture of the original and Dark Moon)
•Metroid Prime 4

•Metroid Prime Remake

Third Party:
•Metal Gear Solid 5
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