Final Fantasy XI on Wii U

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User Info: Bahamut_10th

4 years ago#11
Baha05 posted...
Emerald_Melios posted...
And yet still managed to be the most profitable Final Fantasy title of all time (that was pretty much the official reason why they created a new expansion pack after ten years). I know I spent more time playing that game than the rest of the franchise combined.

Because it's an MMO, that's kinda what they do. The thing is you can still make a profit off bad MMOs.

Someone hasn't heard of Gala Labs.

User Info: lifeline81

4 years ago#12
It was a good game for its time if you could handle the grind and stuff back then. But now? No point of SE porting a has-been MMO. They DO need to release DQX to the US and Europe. That game looks great. And as for FF XIV Reborn, I not sure if the Wii U can even run the game.
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