is it just me or is their a conspiracy to destroy the WiiU

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User Info: game freakozoid

game freakozoid
4 years ago#51
meiyuki posted...
game freakozoid posted...

Lol. Nice try man but you are just making yourself look foolish to defend the WiiU. At some point you need to step back and realize that not everything needs a knee-jerk defense.

Oh and since we are making s*** up I have a degree in computer science from MIT and have personally worked for Blizzard, Square-Enix, Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo, Sega, EA, Monolith Soft, Capcom, and Konami and have been integral in the development in some of the highest rated games in history. You know this is true because I said so and as we both know, nobody ever lies over the internet let alone GameFAQs. I mean, every GameFAQs user signs a sacred oath that they will never lie about their credentials to make it seem like they know what they are talking about. We all share that bond afterall!

The funny thing is you just admitted you know nothing about programing. Course it even better cause if you even knew what school I was talking about you'd wonder why anyone trying to make up their education level would use that one(not that it's a bad one, just that I'd be a bit surprised if 10 people on this board know about the school).

Ultimately it really doesn't matter, you've proven how clueless you are. Not that you're worth wasting time on but if anyone is curious I am capable of proving I work for a small game company.

I never said I knew nothing about programming. I pointed out how extremely mind boggling easy it is to lie over the internet about ANYTHING. Pay attention better in the future. Hell even making up sources is mind bogglingly easy to do. They have shows showing people do precisely this exact thing. But no, you go on spouting out pretending like you know what you are talking about when it is so apparent that you just don't.

User Info: Shinobi120

4 years ago#52
Mini_blight has a point throughout these situations with his very long post. Heck, I was there myself & remember most of the experiences in which he pointed out.

mini_blight posted...
I'm not surprised Nintendo is so secretive with their future Wii U games. They don't have much of a choice with vultures like Microsoft around. lol

Very true, though they will mostly be safe with Japanese & indie publishers, as they'll develop more games for Nintendo's consoles & handhelds (as well as Sony's consoles & handhelds) before developing games for Microsoft's consoles.

While Microsoft HAS been getting Japanese 3rd party support for the Xbox & the Xbox 360, they've been only given to them to a certain extent (for example, they receive little to no JRPG's for their platforms), mainly because that the Xbox brand isn't very popular in Japan.

And that's the main reason why I mostly go for Nintendo's, Sega's, & Sony's platforms, because of the guaranteed Japanese 3rd party support throughout all kinds of genres in which I'm a fan of (besides being a fan of most of their 1st & 2nd party games).
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