To wiiU owners that don't have MH3U:

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User Info: SullyTheStrange

4 years ago#101
IronticsDragonL posted...

Here's a video of Brachydios, one of the harder monsters of the game.

Also, which weapon types were you using? Some are fast as all getout, like Dual Blades, Sword and Shields, and Hammers , while others, like Lances, Greatswords, and Gunlances, are slow as an snail, which makes sense, since they have high attack power.

Greatsword I think. Guess I'll give it another shot with faster weapons, maybe I'll find those fun.
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User Info: IronticsDragonL

4 years ago#103
IronticsDragonL posted...
Funny thing is, greatswords are the slowest weapons in the entire game series, but that's because of their charge attack. If you can master that charge attack, you can easily kill things with ease, especially if you use an greatsword with an element that they are weak to. I would know, I main greatswords.

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