Will you buy zombiu now that its patched?

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  3. Will you buy zombiu now that its patched?

User Info: andizzle29662

4 years ago#1
I might replay it now, so I can finish it. Anyone else going to give it a try?
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User Info: huyi

4 years ago#2
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User Info: HELZERO

4 years ago#3
huyi posted...
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User Info: Andyliini

4 years ago#4
I already have it. Might replay it at some point if I have time.

User Info: DiscostewSM

4 years ago#5
Maybe if I can find it cheap.
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User Info: Kanid

4 years ago#6
Just got the Wii U Zombi bundle. So yeah, looks like I'll open it and give it a try : P
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User Info: DarkAdonis123

4 years ago#7
No. But I will go ahead and borrow it from my friend now that its patched.
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User Info: Banjo2553

4 years ago#8
What was the patch? I'n out of the loop.
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User Info: Poopcorn13

4 years ago#9
Banjo2553 posted...
What was the patch? I'n out of the loop.
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User Info: SlimeSwayze

4 years ago#10
I was able to beat the game without any issues, pre-patch. However, I'm just not sure I actually want to play it again, so I may sell it before trying the patched version. Sounds like they didn't change too much other than fixing the bugs I was lucky enough to avoid.
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  3. Will you buy zombiu now that its patched?

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