Let us discuss the problems with the WiiU.

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User Info: Rasputin77

4 years ago#11
Like I said from day one, there's NO WAY I'd own this as my only console, and I knew that going into launch. Frankly, a) my PS3, and b) a lot of Wii games I never played are keeping my gaming urges fulfilled, but that doesn't take away from the lackluster library.

I really like the gamepad, and think there's tons of innovation left to find - both in singleplayer and multiplayer aspects. I also really dig being able to hop online in the middle of a game (proving REALLY helpful in MH3U).

As for this board... I've said it before and I'll say it again. Visualize your audience. You can't try to imagine every poster here as a competent, sense-making, logic-abiding adult... you'd go crazy. Without saying much more, just... be very wary of who the primary demographic is... and it's all much-less frustrating. ;)

User Info: ViolentAbacus

4 years ago#12
That it can't do all the stuff game systems are supposed to, like watch movies or have a blueray player. I mean, come on, why wouldn't a game system have these? After all, they should be able to do more than play games like they're supposed to..


Actually, games. It needs more. Even though I don't play them. That's its main problem.

Personally, I don't care for the looking around thing, where you move the gamepad to see a room ( like the scanner in ZombiU... I don't like it on the 3DS either).. But that's a personal preference.

Hmm.. Anything else? Let's see. I wish that the language filter would go away (even though I try to make it a point not to curse)....

That's really about it.
While you bask in my glory, please try not to make me angry by writing words that don't exist in dictionaries.

User Info: GloryChaos

4 years ago#13
I suppose I should do what I've asked in this topic.

Problems...I don't like the loading times we have currently but they'll be fixed soon. A pet peeve is the inability to search through communities on miiverse. As more games come out, scrolling through a list will become annoying. We should also be able to add tags to our posts and search through tags. I could go on about miiverse for a while. The friend list is also useless. If you want to add a friend, you can't simply make a friend request from there. You have to do it the friend code way but with Nintendo Network IDs. And then there's no account system.

I think the gamepad is wonderful and I would like to see more games that take advantage of it in a good way. That being said, I don't want to see games that force the gamepad on us if they don't need it. There were too many third party Wii games like that.

Currently enjoying ZombiU, Nintendo Land (when I have friends over), and a couple of eshop titles like Mighty Switch Force and Nano Assault Neo. I have Monster Hunter but I haven't started it yet.
Brawl FC - 1332 8069 6690
"Gravity Rush is 1458 Mb the 58 Mb should more then cover the missions/dialog/character models" - Demondog666

User Info: meiyuki

4 years ago#14
GloryChaos posted...
A pet peeve is the inability to search through communities on miiverse.

I can only assume they figure you'll only be going to communities for games you own, in which case you can go to miivese from the game and it'll take you right to the community, then you just favorite it. I do agree though they're going to need a search eventually cause it's a great place to go to learn about games you don't have to see if you want to buy.
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