Ok last question before I buy this thing

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User Info: Death47

4 years ago#31

So they only shake when you shake the pad?


User Info: elbarto1

4 years ago#32
ninsony12 posted...
How is the E shop? How is the gamepad for longer periods of play? Is it really rattling?
What games are must own? What E shop games are must own? Any cool features that might trick me into buying one? Is miiverse cool in the long run?


Shop is a ghost town.
Gamepad battery life is around 4 hrs depending on settings.
Mine doesn't rattle.
Games are up to your preference. I like nsmbu. Nfsmw. Mh3u.
I don't see much of anything on shop that is call must own. Zen pinball is fun.
Off TV play is my unique selling point.
Miiverse is surprisingly awesome. Will be even better once it gets PC/mobile support.
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