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User Info: -NotoriousLynx

4 years ago#1
Review the last you played using positive and negative bullet points. For me, its Xenoblade. Your post doesn't have to be as thorough as mine, I kinda overdid it.

+ Very different than any JRPG you'll play this gen, and the best one in fact. Where modern JRPGs have become notoriously linear, Xenoblade does everything to allow exploration and experimentation, and awards it. Death is not a nuisance. Traveling around the humongous world is made easy with a fast travel system and the ability to change the time of day.

+ Going along with the theme of going against all JRPG norms, the characters feel very fresh, especially the main character, Shulk. Where most JRPG protagonists are strong and heroic, Shulk is a weakling who is dependent on his magical weapon and his quest for revenge makes him seem like he's ignoring his duties as "the chosen one". Shulk is a rather original character and a great lead. He's a (British) weapon scientist who spends most of his time indoors researching the Monado, a magical weapon, that ends up giving him the ability to see into the future that works like Spiderman's spidey sense.

+ From the very start, Xenoblade uses plot twists like crazy to keep you wanting more and more of the story. This is definitely not a bad thing. All the twists feel genuine and is most of the reason for continuing to play.

+ You've probably heard people call this a "single-player MMO" in terms of the combat and gameplay, along the lines of Final Fantasy 12. I can see why people would think that from gameplay videos, but I feel like the closest game I've played to this would be League of Legends. Now, LoL is crap, but for other reasons, definitely not for the core gameplay. Each character has their own gimmick and character's dont necessarily have basic JRPG classes. Shulk is the most basic character and his gimmick is that he can unlock one new powerful ability after a series of auto-attacks. My personal favorite character to play as is Melia, who can summon different elemental auras around her which boosts her auto-attack, but can sacrifice the elemental to unleash a powerful attack based on it.

+ Some will say that the graphical limitations of the Wii limit this game which could of otherwise been beautiful looking, but I 100% disagree. Maybe its because my mindset is stuck in the sixth generation and I think PS2 games have a more enjoyable vibe about them, but this game is just one of the most beautiful games ever. The settings are unique, refreshing, and give you a sense of wonder and wanting to explore.

+ The British voice acting gives the universe of Xenoblade its own distinct feel. The voice acting is great most of the time but occasionally goes into melodramatic, flat territory.

+ Confrontation With the Enemy is the most hype song ever

- Combat can occasionally become repetitive and more than often turns into playing whack-a-mole with the abilities when the cooldown ends.

- You're either going to have to have a notebook with you at all times, or for the very lazy, use an online guide. Very little information is given about where to find specific items or where NPCs are to talk to to finish quests.

- The game kind of tricks you by saying the quests and exploration are optional. There is honestly no possible way you can finish this game without doing the quests. They're the best way to level up and many times you'll come to points in the game that disrupts the flow of the game by being too difficult and secretly forcing you to go back to previous locations to finish quests.

- Inventory management is a big drag. Gems, which empower and customize weapons, have to be manually taken out and won't unequip when you unequip the weapons or equipment. You'll be picking up tons of loot and gems along the way and by the midgame to the end, you have to keep dropping or selling them to make room for more.


User Info: Petey_Meanis

4 years ago#2
Bit.Trip Presents...Runner2: Future Legend of Rhythm Alien

+ they got a fish-man character with dangly testicles, a cheeseburger dude named Whetfahrt Cheesebörger.

+ levels with silly names like "Wet Deepness", "Morning Wood", "Going Half Mast", "Soggy Bottoms", "Low Hangin' Fruits", "Tripping on Herbs", "Bumpin' Uglies", "Sweaty Dangle".

+ the music is cool

+ Slender Man and Bigfoot make an appearance

+ cool visuals, nice online leader boards, great rhythmic gameplay

+ 25 hidden retro levels

- tricky levels on the highest difficulty may cause rage

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User Info: fuzi11

4 years ago#3

just short review, finished it yesterday

++ Desmond's part is way bigger and better than in every previous installment (Desmond is my favorite character in the franchise)
++ ending blew my mind. AGAIN. AC how do you do it all the time. Now they force me to buy the 6th game in the Trilogy XD

+ Connors new weapons are amazing, especially the rope. Feels like Spiderman on a killing spree
+ Hunting is quite fun
+ Naval battles are occasionally fun, but i am glad they don't force it to us all the time. They get boring after a while (at least to me), friends of that mechanic have many many missions to go
+ fortresses returns
+Travelling between cities is much much much more fun than AC1 (where it was extremely tedious) and simply non existant in AC2
+ super fast travelling via Map
+ Having Map on gamepad as well as weapons is extremely useful
+ Running on trees is amazing
+ Hunting missions as well

- not being able to use the touchscreen for the menu though is stupid and I always forgot and tried to use it but failed.
- Loading Times. so many loading screens
- Story is not as captivating as previous installments
- game feels much more linear than it should be
- Homebase is utterly boring, pointless and annoying. Landscape around it
- You are NOT an Assassin. Connor is just out for revenge, he doesn't learn the credo, there is no initiation.
- Connor is stiff. Nothing interesting about him. Like Altair, quite boring.
- shading is terrible
- calling for assassins is not as useful or good as it was in AC2
- collecting stuff is not as fun as in AC2
-- trading with the convoys is ways too complex for me, next to it being pointliss and a hassle to do.
-- Stealth attacks? No need for that, you can play the whole game without any problems with a big axe.
-- towns are boring compared to Venice, Firenze, Rome and istanbul
--- Desmond... ... ... well... what could you do. Okay... maybe not so many '---', but still
------ Glitchfest ahoi. I was just standing there, suddenly I faell through the floor into eternity. twice. in one hour. And I fell into a gorge. And survived. And ran in circles in the black painted bottom. oh and it freeze on me a few times. Doesn't someone test these things?

in total I would say

User Info: Rasputin77

4 years ago#4
Played, or beat? I'm pretty sure Lego City was the last one I played...

+ impressive map size
+ large variety of things to do
+ the occasional chuckle at clever dialogue
+ skippable cutscenes (not all, but enough to earn a "+")
+ extremely straightforward
+ plenty to do for completionists

- every vehicle (so far) reaching a whopping max speed of what seems to be 40 MPH
- graphics can 'flicker' on occasion
- long loading screens
- not the most amazing gamepad implementation possible
- corny humor reaches critical levels of douchiness at some points
- it IS a Lego game, so "run, smash, collect, run, smash, collect, run, smash, collect, run, smash, collect, run, smash, collect, run, smash, collect, run, smash, collect, run, smash, collect, etc."

8/10 so far.

User Info: crowe_1

4 years ago#5
Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate

+ Very lengthy, addictive game. Takes hundreds of hours to experience everything this game has to offer. There is exclusive content for online and offline modes, which further extends replay value.

+ Online co-op is a blast. Easy to add friends and join their games. Voice chat works well through the gamepad mic.

+ Game focuses on epic fights against giant dragons, wyverns and leviathans. Fights are challenging and rewarding in general. Huge variety of bosses and challenges to master.

+ Hundreds of different armors and weapons to craft from pieces of the monsters you defeat. In-depth skill/ability system revolves around armor crafting.

+ 12 different unique weapon classes, each catering to very different play styles.

+ Huge amount of added content compared to the previous Wii version on which the game is based. Over double the content overall, and the new content is seamlessly interwoven with the old content so that players get to see new things throughout their journey.

+ Full five-channel surround sound is very helpful.

+/- Game requires grinding, if you're into that. Improving your performance on repeat boss runs is part of the appeal. Still, I recognize that some people would see the intentional necessity for grinding as repetitive, rather than fun.

+/- Graphics are a mixed bag. Game looks gorgeous in 1080p compared to the Wii version. Very colourful, and some of the monsters, like Barroth, have been re-textured marvellously so that they actually look impressive. Some of the monsters are "meh", though, and the textures in some of the environments and weapons are downright ugly.

- The beginning of the game is effectively a long tutorial that teaches players the fundamentals about gathering materials, combining items, locating materials, and other skills that are necessary to be successful with the game. As such, it takes 10 or so hours for the game to really hook you, and many players will have given up by then.

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User Info: Ultima_Magikarp

4 years ago#6

+ Fun with friends

- Not very fun alone

User Info: KaiRyusaki

4 years ago#7

I give it a 4

User Info: Kenaue

4 years ago#8
Black Ops 2

Decently long campaign mode.
Responsive controls.
Off screen/full screen splitscreen is awesome.
Good graphics.
MP is fun as hell.
Zombies is fun as hell.

No ****in DLC.....
Very few people online for Zombies.
Two of the zombie maps suck. But the one that's good is really good.
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User Info: LodeiroSnake

4 years ago#9
Monster Hunter 3 on Wii

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User Info: NejiHyuga900

4 years ago#10
The last game I played on my Wii U is Punch-Out!! (NES) but disregarding Virtual Console titles, the last Wii/Wii U game I played is the Wii version of The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, my 3rd (or probably 4th, tied around with The Wind Waker) favorite Zelda game (my top 2 Zelda games are Ocarina of Time and Skyward Sword). I am replaying Twilight Princess for the 3rd time now (I think) (I have played both Wii and GC versions in the past).

*May contain (minor) spoilers below but nothing major.*

+ "Zelda" title. Zelda games are always good... almost (with the exception of Zelda II and the CD-i Zelda games)
+ Midna is not as annoying as any other companions like Navi (who is the most annoying) and Fi.
+ Game soundtrack. Well, I would like any Zelda soundtrack. One of my favorite songs in the game is "Midna's Lament"/"Midna's Desperate Hour", which is very relaxing (even though I am a metalhead, lol).
+ (Wii only) I like the sounds that comes out of the Wii remote.
+ Graphics. My second (or possibly third, tied with Ocarina of Time 3D) favorite Zelda art style. Skyward Sword's art style is my favorite though.

- I don't really like dark atmosphere in this game.
- I don't like playing as Wolf Link as much as Human (Hylian?) Link but I don't mind playing as Wolf Link.
- (Wii only) Motion controls. I am okay playing with motion controls but aiming while zoomed in is kind of hard to do.

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