Which Legend of Zelda Wii Game is better?

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User Info: Jack_the_monke7

4 years ago#41
I liked Skyward Sword a lot more. For the record, I'm avoiding the very likely flame war going on in this thread and just responding to the OP with my honest opinion.
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User Info: mhayes86

4 years ago#42
Easy choice. Since you specifically ask for one to play on the Wii U, get Skyward Sword.

If you want to play Twilight Princess, I recommend getting it on GameCube.

As for which I think is the best... they both have their ups and downs, but Skyward Sword has the better "Wii experience".

User Info: emagdnE

4 years ago#43
Twilight Princess is far superior to dumbed down Zelda with a horrible control scheme
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User Info: Echixir

4 years ago#44
sketchturner posted...
Skyward Sword
++More interesting controls
++Better dungeon design

Twilight Princess
++Better music & artstyle
++Better pacing

This is actually very accurate.

That said, I'd easily recommend SS over TP. If I had to sum up both games, I'd call TP a watered-down "dark" Ocarina of Time ripoff, and SS a somewhat flawed but overall well-designed experience.

They are both worth playing, and each have their great moments and their rage inducing moments, but if you can only have one you should go with SS.
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