Why does everyone want Nintendo to "lose"?

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User Info: GothicAngel19

4 years ago#81
squatch22 posted...
DemonDog666 posted...
They aren't making competent consoles now.

So u think RRODBox or YLODStation are ''competent''?
YLOD only effected about 10% of all PS3s.
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User Info: Stefan1277

4 years ago#82
Immature online people. Simple as that.
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User Info: meiyuki

4 years ago#83
So they arn't going to give any specifics?

User Info: nonexistinghero

4 years ago#84
1shadetail1 posted...
nonexistinghero posted...
There is no such thing as a 'core' gamer. They are just casual gamers who think they are better than the new types of casual gamers (mobile phone/tablet gamers and the casual Wii gamers).

I have been saying this for *YEARS*. Casual, core, hardcore, etc. None of these words actually mean anything. When people go on about "casual", what they're really saying is, "game/system/etc. that I personally dislike". Meanwhile, "core" and "hardcore" mean exactly what you just said.

I look at all these kids (some of them actual kids, others kids in adult bodies) tossing around these words with the most pretentious of airs, and I can only laugh.

I disagree with you. I said 'core'. Hardcore definitely does exist and it's ignorant to say it doesn't. For a hardcore gamer, gaming has meaning. They care about the quality of their beloved franchises. They can only get certain experiences through gaming. For a casual gamer, it's just casual fun. Replace it with something else that's fun, even if it's not game-related and they'll have just as much fun with it.

It has nothing to do with being elitist, they are 2 separate groups (with many different types among them) that think about gaming in a very different way.
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User Info: TalesOfGod

4 years ago#86
They are all pretty much children that never matured. Also, the new generation of gaming prefers graphics over everything else so it's obvious that they would hate Nintendo when they actually put the gameplay first.

Also, Sony and Microsoft fanboys wanting to make their console choice look better by putting down Nintendo.

(Also, Nintendo has been around since the beginning so they are basically the King and everyone wants the King to die *rolls eyes* -_-)

User Info: Jason_Hudson

4 years ago#87
Because I want Nintendo to create a console that destroys the other consoles. Not bring out consoles that are out of date when they release.
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User Info: GEKGanon

4 years ago#88
They aren't making competent consoles now, if they fail maybe they will get their act in gear and make one or atleast be unable to make an incompetent one. It's not that hard to understand. Also there's enough casual crap on other consoles from the wii we don't need the wiiU adding fuel to that fire.

The handheld market isn't particularly robust, so between the 3DS and the Vita, I'd say the 3DS is the more competant system. So Nintendo is clearly capable of making a "competant" system. And they have, plenty of times. The N64 was more powerful than the PSX, and it lost. The GameCube was more powerful than the PS2, and it lost. The Wii? That one was far less "competant" than the PS3 or Xbox 360, which it DECIMATED in sales. The black and white GameBoy beat its more powerful, color competition, as did the GBA, and the DS.

So what incentive does Nintendo have here to make a "competant" system? When they do, they fail, and when the don't, they soar. And the people picking up Nintendo's hardware are ultimately picking it up for Nintendo's software, so if Nintendo's system is just well-enough off technologically to play the games they want to make for it, why demand a more "competant" system from them when history has proven that strategy to be a bust anyway?
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User Info: Mandrew257

4 years ago#89
Im pretty sure they dont even know. They either do it piss people off, claim its "too kiddie" and not enough shooters, or say the graphics are poor. Yet they also troll PC gamers telling them graphics arent everything its the games. So I tend to ignore the haters.


4 years ago#90
I loved nintendo up til the wii.

I don;t want to see them fail.

I just think the Wii was a POS, and the Wii U is one step forward, two steps back.

I just want to see them make a console I want to play and buy with relevant titles/multiplats and not just Nintendo games.

Basically, if Nintendo made aconsole I could use as my main, I'd get it. But as it is they don;t get NEARLY the amount of titles as ps/xbox.

So while I think some are trolling, it's ,more likely p[eople are angry with Nintendo for doing and making stupid decisions.
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