ZombiU vs Mario Bros U: which did you enjoy more?

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User Info: Star_Nuts

4 years ago#1
Trying to determine my first Wii U game.
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User Info: wingo84

4 years ago#2
Took me longer to get into NSMBU

Theyre both decent games worth having. There is more to do in NSMBU to keep you going back for 100% ...

ZombiU is pretty cool, especially if your into zombie things and shows off some interesting things the gamepad can do.
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User Info: SlimeSwayze

4 years ago#3
Probably ZombiU, simply because it didn't feel like a game I had already played before. NSMBU felt way too sterile and by-the-book for me, and lacked the imagination that made the older Mario games so great. ZombiU has its faults, but I enjoyed the atmosphere and the somewhat old-school survival-horror style gameplay.
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User Info: New Link

New Link
4 years ago#4
They are both good, but out egg them id say NSMBU is a better and more polished game. ZombiU is great in sort bursts but after. about half an hour to an hour in and im done for that session. The cricket bat is such a chore to use, but I will be buying the sequel when in comes out.
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User Info: Giygasminion

4 years ago#5
ZombiU is a lot of fun, but I've gotten more out of NSMBU.
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User Info: ImGanondorfLol

4 years ago#6
They're both mediocre, but I'd pick NSMBU.

User Info: crowe_1

4 years ago#7
Get both if possible. First choice, I'd pick Zombi U myself because it's a unique experience. Though it has a few nagging issues, it succeeds way more than it fails, and in key categories like stressful atmosphere, Zombi U knocks it out of the park. Just be aware that it is a slow, methodical game and very far from run and gun.

NSMBU has much more polish though. Either way, you win, really.
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User Info: EternalWolf

4 years ago#8
NSMBU without question, and keep in mind that DLC is coming out for it.

ZombiU is a poor mans Metroid Prime. It has a ton of great ideas but was executed poorly. Almost no variety in enemies, long loading times, almost no reason to use any weapon outside of the ONE melee weapon, terrible renderer, horrific lighting(looks like a n64/PS2 hybrid and lack of variety in tons of aspects.

This is a game that could have been a AAA title with proper execution, but ended up being a bunch of great ideas executed by developers who didnt seem to put a lot of heart into the game. Its not a bad game, but to me its one of those games that just pisses you off because it shows how good it could have been without ever getting there. Its a game where the sequel is either going to be terrible or a AAA game, because if it gets worse or stays the same its going to get hammered but if they balance it out, give the engine an overhaul and add some damn variety and memorable gameplay moments(boss fights, platforming) then it would probably be superb. As it stands it basically Metroid Prime without bosses, without memorable environments or music, graphics that look worse, just running and only using one weapon.

NSMBU is NSMB. Compared to the other games, here are the faults. Level design and platforming seems to have taken a step back. There could have been a lot more climbing, swinging and little things in the platforming department but they seemed to have just left them out.

The story mode is insanely easy with no difficulty option nor is there any sort of challenges for the story levels themselves(which could have added tons to replay value. There is a separate challenge mode with time attack etc... but there isnt a lot of levels. However, the challenges are where IMO the meat of the game is at. If only they applied that to the rest of the game, it would have lasted quite a long time. There is also no online multiplayer or leaderboards, which is unacceptable for a game like this. Being able to beat peoples scores and times would have done a lot for the replay value alone. The boss fights are absolutely terrible as well.

Also, they didnt make any real advancements on the gameplay when there is room for so much more. What is there is solid, there is nothing wrong with it, but its still the same old stuff. How sweet would the final boss fight have been if we had to swing Bowser by his tail and impale him onto objects in the environment like in SM64? There also isnt any environmental interaction really, a lot of stuff could be going on in the background the effects and adds to the gameplay but they just didnt add to it. For instance, look at Shadow Complex and 2d Metroid. Metroid is better, but Shadow Complex has you dodging enemies shooting at you in the background and you can also shoot into the background. This works because its 3d, and the same can be said about NSBU. All of the gameplay and attacks in NSMBU takes place on one plane, but they could have had parts where you interact with the environment to unlock secrets. Knock of a pillar that crushes a wall in the background, hidden star found. Whatever, they just need to start advancing on this aspect while maintaining the 2d mario gameplay.

ZombiU got a 6.2 from me. With the engine they used, if the product was finished and polished it would have gotten a 7.0 even with all the flaws. If they balanced it out and really had some kind of replay value it would have gotten a 7.9. If you look at id Tech 4 and compare that engine to that of ZombiU, you can see why the renderer is really just unacceptable.
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User Info: Ammonitida

4 years ago#9
I prefer Dead Island and the Sonic 4 Episode 2.

User Info: SlimeSwayze

4 years ago#10
Regarding a previous post, my advice is not to take the advice of anyone who compares ZombiU to Metroid Prime. I respect that such a person may not have liked the game, but you would have to go into ZombiU with a completely backwards set of expectations if you end up comparing it to Metroid Prime. ZombiU is nothing like it.
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