ZombiU vs Mario Bros U: which did you enjoy more?

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User Info: mjc0961

4 years ago#21
Ammonitida posted...
SlimeSwayze posted...
No it isn't, as Metroid and the Arkham games are similar, while ZombiU is almost nothing like either of those series. The gameplay, game design, pacing, atmosphere, and controls are completely different. ZombiU shares far more in common with old survival-horror titles, including the backtracking and inaccessible areas you can only get to once you've obtained certain items.

If you dislike ZombiU, that's understandable, but to call it a poor man's Metroid Prime is to completely miss what the developers were trying to accomplish.

Zombie U is awful. One of the worst zombies games in existence. It's the lack of good Wii U games that is clouding some people's eyes -- making Zombie U appear better than it really is. If Zombie U had been released for XBOX360, it'd be completely forgettable. Truth is, even an old game like Riddick Dark Athena is miles better than Zombie U. And when comparing zombie games, Zombie U can't hold a candle to Dead Island (which is getting an even better sequel) or the upcoming XBOX exclusive State of Decay (zombie strategy game from the makers of Warcraft).

Agreed. Zombi U is the Wii U's version of Gravity Rush: crap game that people are hyping up because there's little else to play at the moment. Once the systems build up their own respectable library, nobody will even remember Zombi U or Gravity Rush.
sirtonne posted...
This topic is so stupid I had to slap my wife.
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