Physical vs. Digital - Which do you prefer?

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User Info: Nappa

4 years ago#61
Physical, I never buy digital unless it's the only option.

User Info: soupbandit1

4 years ago#62
Ianio82 posted...
Donomega posted...
I'm old fashioned, I like to have physical copies of games, gives me the sense that I actually own them.

Besides I met my wife because my friend let her borrow a PC Engine game to translate for him lol

I met my wife the old fashion way... High school homecoming dance. That was... 3 children and 15 years ago. Lol. We regularly play video games together,

I expected people on this board to be around my age. You're around 14-15 years older than me...

User Info: 1shadetail1

4 years ago#63
omescythe posted...
both digital and physical copys can have things happen to them that can make both unplayable in the future. its stupid to think that all these bad things could happen to digital game in teh future and go physical without putting equal consern to physical copys as bad things can happen to it as well. your not going to always be able to find a physical copy and even if you do the older the copy the more likly its been put under collector prices and cost a fortune to buy. physical copys can get scratched up to the point of being unplayable, they can get broken, stolen, lost.

Bad things can happen to physical media, yes. The very important difference is that anything bad that happens is *my* responsibility. I can protect my physical copies from wear and tear, and it is not legal for someone else to confiscate them from me.

On the other hand, with digital, it's not entirely under my control. I can lose them if someone else messes with them, either accidentally or on purpose. An inconvenient server crash or storage failure could potentially wipe out all my digital downloads. Or the copyright holder could decide to be a dick and revoke my downloads for some stupid reason or for no reason at all.

With physical media, I am in control. With digital media, someone else is in control. Therefore, whenever I have the choice, I always choose physical media.
Religion is like spaghetti: either stiff and fragile, or wet and limp.
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