So, with the 720 having always-online, the PS4 having no BC,

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User Info: halfelven23

4 years ago#22
kingbadjo posted...
I think their price is what's guna kill them....

what's their price? tell us please

User Info: Jackal

4 years ago#23
AdlezLegend posted...
and possibly no used games for both...

The Wii U's future looks bright.

As does the PC's.

You are forgetting the games. We have to wait and see about the games.
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User Info: xxthewitnessx

4 years ago#24
Wow. I'll concede that the worst trolls usually come from the sony/pc camp but damn, no one reassures like a wii u fanboy...

...and I just spent two days on the 360 board listening to people try to talk themselves into always online being a good thing.

Let that sink in.
"Bros before foes" - The death of free speech in gaming

User Info: strongo9

4 years ago#25
That is why being a PC-Nintendo gamer will always be the best option.
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User Info: RugterWyper32

4 years ago#26
Honestly, I see the no used games thing being more likely with the 720.
Microsoft being stupid enough for that, always online and shoving Kinect down the consumer's throats is something I don't doubt will happen by now, so I'll jump ship to the PS4, but considering the lack of BC, chances are I'll just wait about year and a half or two years to get one, once it has lower price and a decent library of games.
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User Info: Manservice

4 years ago#27
strongo9 posted...
That is why being a PC-Nintendo gamer will always be the best option.

Considering the fact that you can emulate every game from a Nintendo console, excluding the Wii-U, on a PC, being a PC gamer alone is the best option.

User Info: mjc0961

4 years ago#28
ShadowSkill11 posted...
PS4 does do a different inexpensive form of BC through Gaikai steaming.

Actually, it doesn't. They said they're maybe looking into the possibility of implementing it later into the console's life. If you expect to be streaming a ton of old games on launch day, you are going to be solely disappointed.

And also, streaming games is complete arse, so it will still suck even if they do get it running. I'll stick to playing the copies I already have on systems I already have instead of paying more money to play a far inferior version.
sirtonne posted...
This topic is so stupid I had to slap my wife.

User Info: anon_fire

4 years ago#29
and just so all of you know, the 360 was a major flop in Japan.
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User Info: its_matt

4 years ago#30
thundercat2600 posted...
WiiUsurance thread.

I'd hardly call its future bright when it's seeing lower monthly sales than PS3 or 360 EVER saw in their worst months.. And it doesn't even have any competition yet.

But it does have competition, the competition is the said consoles PS3 and Xbox360
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